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Bridgepoint has continuously led the way in chemical innovations. Each time we develop a new chemical, it's designed to solve a common or infrequent problem or challenge. After all, our company was founded by carpet cleaners. We've been where you are at. Peruse the following list and see if these aren't some of the challenges your company is facing now. Then call your local Bridgepoint Distributor. Not only will they get the product you need right to you, they'll explain exactly how to use it.


Problem 1: Reduce Prespray Usage. Systemize and Simplify.

Solution: ZonePerfect - First ultra-concentrated traffic lane cleaner with synergistic surfactant combination for the widest variety of soils. Most balanced prespray for ALL types of soil on the market.

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Problem 2: I like the features of acid rinsing but still need some cleaning power.

Solution: EndZone - Acid Rinse that contains a new combination of surfactants and builders for cleaning soiled carpet on the acid side (the only product on the market that not only cleans well but neutralizes, softens and conditions the fibers at the same time. A bonus feature that few realize - EndZone is an encapsulating rinse. EndZone helps prevent resoiling, wickback and browning. No prespray is needed when cleaning under the couch or dresser. EndZone continues to clean even once the prespray is rinsed away.

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Problem 3: How do I keep soil and spills from wicking back after hot water extraction cleaning dirty glue down carpet?

Solution: Encapuguard - Anti-resoiling, wicking prevention solution that brings the benefits of encapsulation cleaning to hot water extraction. This product is a true Revolution! Professionals wrestle with commercial carpets that sometimes look worse after and extraction then before. Soil and spill wickback and forms of browning are common. Encapuguard can be sprayed on as a preventative, used with a post bonnet for quick drying and wicking prevention, and even used as an extraction solution. Also used as an additional add on sale for soil protector.

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Problem 4: I need a good general spotter that will handle almost any food and beverage spill.

Solution: Avenge - A legendary carpet spotter that will remove almost all common household food and beverage spills.

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Problem 5: I want to quickly eliminate rust stains without risking life and limb.

Solution: T-Rust - The first rust removing solution to work as well as hydrofluoric acid without the dangers to the user or to the environment. No neutralizing necessary - a simple rinse is all it takes.

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Problem 6: I need a volatile solvent spotter that actually volatilizes (evaporates).

Solution: All Solv - An aerosol spotter that is not only the premier volatile dry solvent in the industry but one of the only true "volatile" solvents left. First spotter that works as well as non-volatile spotter (P.O.G. types) but then completely evaporates. No rinsing necessary.

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Problem 7: I need a cleaning booster for those totally trashed out carpets.

Solution: Citrus Solv - The first and now the standard citrus solvent booster for presprays and spotting that dissolves extreme soil build up. The benchmark by which all other citrus products are measured. Truly one of the most imitated products in the industry.

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Problem 8: I need to make sure my customers remember me months from now.

Solution: HomePro Spotter - The first customizable consumer spotter with full color graphics and a non smearing non peeling label. The spotter that brings carpet cleaning customer back time after time.

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Problem 9: I want to clean fine delicate upholstery fabrics and Oriental Rugs, but I am afraid they will bleed.

Solution: DyeLoc - The first and still the only color bleeding prevention formula for delicate upholstery and Oriental Rugs. One of the most unique and innovative products to come along in our industry, ever!

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Problem 10: I need a defoamer I can add to my cleaning solution to eliminate the foam right at the carpet.

Solution: Foam Defense - A defoamer that can be added to a prespray and ENHANCE the cleaning while defoaming - AMAZING! A sometimes overlooked but extremely valuable product for those who need it. This technology will most likely be used more and more in additional products in the future.

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Problem 11: I need something strong that eliminate pet urine odors that does not leave a strong masking fragrance.

Solution: Hydrocide - The first encapsulating and bonding deodorizer that eliminates odors without strong fragrances (all odors, from all sources, on contact). Resoiling is never and issue when Hydrocide is used.

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Problem 12: I need a carpet protector that uses acid dye resistors to resist stains in addition to fluorochemicals.

Solution: Maxim Advanced - A protector with not just fluorochemical protection for water and oil based soil resistance, but also an acid dye blocker for maximum stain prevention protection (designed by those that built an entire company off of the sale of stain protection services) Every manufactured carpet incorporates stain resist (acid dye blockers). If it is not reapplied after cleaning, it is eventually lost.

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Problem 13: I need a deodorizer I can add to the cleaning process that actually works.

Solution: Deliminate - One of the most powerful deodorizing additives available, using the natural fragrance of citrus solvents. Neutralizes odors and aids cleaning at the same time.

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Problem 14: I need a tile cleaner for those really dirty and greasy tile floors.

Solution: Viper Venom - The high powered tile and grout cleaner that introduced thousands of professionals to this lucrative service and the product by which all others are judged.

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Problem 15: I keep dragging my hoses across all my customer's hardwood floors. How can I make money and provide another solution for my customers?

Solution: Wood Floor Finish - The simplest and most fool proof wood floor refinishing program in the industry.

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Problem 16: I need a spotter that really gets out ink and magic marker.

Solution: P.I.G. - Every professional cleaner has that favorite product he chooses over all others. Tens of thousands of cleaners have chosen P.I.G. as their favorite. There is a reason we named it P.I.G. instead of P.O.G.

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Problem 17: I am cleaning carpets where I have to find the carpet through the grease.

Solution: Flex - The number one sold, high pH, fastest acting prespray in the cleaning and restoration industry.

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Problem 18: I need an enzyme prespray that really works but the pH won't peel my skin off.

Solution: Bio Break - The first enzyme prespray with controlled pH for use on all carpets. It was the first to include encapsulated enzymes that are protected in the dry state to activate later with water.

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Problem 19: I need a spotting kit that will actually hold all the stuff I need to carry.

Solution: Professional Spotting Kit - Custom bag with soft sides and hard bottom is the best design in the industry for the cleaning professional. The large size allows you to carry bottles in sizes you can actually use conveniently.

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Problem 20: I want a magic like stain remover for mustard, shoe polish, ink, urine and more that works more consistently and does not require a two part mixture.

Solution: StainZone - A one part ready to use solution so you do not have to throw any away stain remover that works better than magic on many stains you previously had to tell the customer were permanent.

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Problem 21: I live in a VOC regulated state and all of my favorite solvent spotters for paint, oil, and grease can't be sold here anymore. What can I do?

Solution: O.I.N.K. - Bridgepoint's brand new VOC compliant solvent based spot and stain remover for ink, paint, grease, oil and more. An entirely new disperse surfactant technology provides previously never seen ability to emulsify and easily extract out all kinds of different inks.

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Problem 22: What can I use to safely clean my customer's stone floors that enhances instead of damaging the protective finish?

Solution: Spinergy Stone Rejuvenator - Unlike most hard surface floor cleaners that contain additives which can literally break down the mineral deposits in fine stone floors, Spinergy Stain Rejuvenator is a concentrated cleaner that will safely and effectively clean stone floors and countertops. Not only that, it contains special finish rejuvenators that enhance the performance of applied and natural stain resistant finshes and restores the original shine!

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Problem 23: Every time I apply my solvent protector to upholstery, all my technicians start coughing, and worse, the customer complains about the smell hours later. But I am afraid to apply a water based protector to upholstery that might bleed. What should I do?

Solution: Maxim Advanced for Upholstery with DyeLoc - This incredible new protector contains special "stretchable" polymers that stretch with the fabric to maintain surface tension protection on upholstery. It also contains special dye locking and color stabilizers making it safe to use even on the most delicate natural upholstery fabrics and bleeders. Plus it protects better against the soils and spills most common to upholstery such as hair and body oils, airborne oils, and beverage spills - all with water based technology!

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Problem 24: I need a red stain remover that doesn't make me throw away all the mixed solution I do not use on the job, but that also will withstand the high heat of the back of my van over time.

Solution: RedZONE Red Stain Remover - RedZONE is a two part system that does not require mixing prior to application or expensive special sprayers. Simply apply Part A, then apply Part B. You only use what you need. Many stains will disappear without any heat acceleration. It does not break down over time in the back of your van like one part removers can!

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