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Premium Stone & Grout Sealer

This product is specially designed to seal porous stone, tile and grout without affecting slip resistance. It is the ideal water based sealer for natural stone including marble, granite, limestone, bluestone, saltillo, travertine, sandstone, as well as terrazzo. It is ideal for application to the most porous stone surfaces. It is the preferred product when applying a clear sealer to grout since it can be sprayed or sponged onto grout lines and squeegeed or mopped off non-porous ceramic and porcelain tile, decreasing the application time. Solidrock contains bonding and protection technology that provides maximum protection against most spills, spots, and stains. Your customer has made a large investment into fine stone floors. Applying Solidrock Premium Stone & Grout Sealer makes cleaning the stone easier, protects against surface and texture changes caused by many spilled common household food and beverage spills. It preserves the natural look of the stone, and can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces.

Dilution Ratios: RTU     RTU pH: 8     Contains: 1 gallon

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