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Paint, Ink, & Grease Remover

You ve Heard of POG?  Now There's PIG!

P.I.G. works like other non-volatile solvents except for one important difference: You can rinse it off with water! Not only does it out-perform most other paint, oil, and grease removers, but it also takes care of ink, tar, gum, cosmetics, nail polish, marker and transmission fluids easily.

When you ve got tough oil-based stains that can't be removed with Solvent Clean or Citrus Solv, reach for PIG!

  • Use Full Strength
  • Special Shipping Requirements Apply

Dilution Ratios: RTU     RTU pH: n/a     Contains: 1 gallon

What People Are Saying...

"I got a call from a lady whose daughter spilled nail polish all over the carpet.  AllSolv and P.I.G. were just awesome.  Fifteen minutes, in and out, with $150 in my pocket."

Nigel Goolia
Hans Carpet Cleaning
"I like PIG because I do a lot of grease.  A lot of grease work, grease spots and paint removal.  PIG is probably my best.

Mike Moffat
Carpet Smith

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