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7" Spinergy Stone Polishing Pad - Green - 11,000 Grit

Spinergy Stone Polishing Pads

Green - Ultra Shine - 11,000 Grit

These pads are meant to be used to remove wear and achieve a wide variety of finishes from dull hone (no shine) to a high polish on Marble, Travertine or Limestone floors, walls or counter tops with little to no lippage (uneven tiles).

Pad ColorGrit SizeUsage
RED800Satin Hone
GREEN11,000Ultra Shine
"We couldn't be more pleased with the results obtained from the Spinergy Stone Polishing Pads! Having first, and unnecessarily, sanded down the white marble floors to pure stone to remove deep scratches and stains), we were concerned that we would not be able restore the shine/sheen to the floors. We went to every local Home Improvement, DIY, and floor store, we were unable to find polishing pads. Apparently, those stores make more money off of new floors than restoring damaged ones. When we discovered Spinergy's pads here, we ordered them, and when they arrived, we weren't certain they would do the job, but they did, and they worked EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED!! With just a little water sprayed from a spray bottle, and a little patience, 1 to 2 minutes at a time with each of the pads in sequential order, our floors are EVEN BETTER than they were when new! Thank you Spinergy!!"

--Steve N; Los Angeles, CA

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