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Maxim Advanced for Upholstery - Kit
Demonstration Kit for Cleaners

A hands-on demonstration you can do for your customers to sell more protector.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then seeing it for yourself will close the sale virtually every time. Now you can show your customer the amazing affects of protecting their fine furniture with the advanced technology of Maxim Advanced for Upholstery. Professional cleaners who take the time to do a live demonstration when trying to sell protector close almost 80% of their jobs - when the demonstration includes the effects on upholstered fabric itself rather than just a brochure or blotter card.

The new Maxim Advanced for Upholstery Demonstration kit includes:
  • 4 ounce bottle for children's fruit drink
  • 4 ounce bottle for cooking oil
  • 2 pipettes (eye-droppers to apply solutions to fabric)
  • 5 Upholstery Fabric Samples - ½ treated, ½ untreated
  • 50 Maxim Advanced for Upholstery Sales Brochures - Communicate the benefits of upholstery protection and the unique features.
  • 20 Maxim Advanced AfterCare Procedures/Warranty Information Pamphlets - This details how to keep their carpet and upholstery performing its best after protector is applied and the detailed procedures to follow if they purchase a spot and stain self-adminstered warranty from your company.
  • 10 Maxim Advanced for Upholstery Warranty Sheets- Provides your customer with proof of purchase of the warranty protection.

The Maxim Advanced for Upholstery Demonstration Kit includes actual treated and untreated upholstery fabrics so that you can show the resistancy and repellency effects on water and oil based spills.

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