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        Traffic Slam Olefin & Commercial                        Green Balance Carpet Prespray
        Carpet Prespray                                         This prespray uses advanced surfactant

        •  Works great on Polyester carpets                     technology instead of solvents to rapidly
        •  Dissolves oily film on Olefin that other             dissolve tough oil-based soils. Unlike many           CARPET CLEANING PRESPRAYS
          presprays miss                                        other green cleaners, Green Balance utilizes
        •  Works fast - heavy soils are emulsified and          a mildly alkaline formula that delivers
          ready to extract in seconds                           significantly better cleaning than acid side
        •  Highly concentrated 1:32 dilution                    cleaners. Green Balance Prespray has been
                                                                formulated based upon information supplied
        One of our BEST BUYS, Traffic Slam is the               by the leading green certification program for
        ultimate prespray for all Olefin, Triexta,              environmentally preferred cleaning products.
        Sorona, Smart Strand and Polyester carpets              Highly concentrated for economic use at 1:32
        and works just as well on commercial nylon.             for normal soiling conditions. Safe for wool and
        An advanced blend of micro-emulsion                     all synthetic carpets.
        surfactants and emulsifiers dissolves the
        toughest soils. Phenomenal on restaurants,              gallon  CC11GL    $33.74 (ea)
                                                                             $30.37 (4)
        apartments, fire damage and filtration soils.
        gallon  CC20GL   $28.35 (ea)                            Dilution Ratios: 1:32                    GREEN BALANCE
                                                                Pump or electric sprayer: 4 oz./gl. water
                     $25.52 (4)                                 Hydro-Force sprayer: 40 oz./5 qt. water, use yellow metering tip
        Dilution Ratios: 1:32
        Pump or electric sprayer: 4 oz./gl. water               RTU pH: 8
        Hydro-Force sprayer: 40 oz./5 qt. water, use yellow metering tip
        RTU pH - 11.5

     “I was able to save the carpet and the landlord didn’t have to go
     the expense of replacing it thanks to Traffic Slam. Needless to
     say Traffic Slam will always be on my truck from this time forth.   Hydro Break Traffic Lane Prespray
     From now on when I go into a house with polyester carpet
     Traffic Slam will be used.”                                • Safe and effective for stain resistant carpets
                                Todd, Todd’s Cleaning Service   • Breaks down and dissolves stubborn oil and
                                                                • Suspends & emulsifies particulate soiling
        Encapuclean Green DS                                    • Free rinsing formula
                                                                Hydro Break is a great everyday “workhorse”
        •  DS is for Double Strength - Highly
          economical at a 1:32 dilution                         traffic lane prespray because it performs
        •  It’s Green with the huge bonus of being              superbly on 5th generation residential
          an amazingly effective cleaner                        carpets, commercial carpet as well as Oriental
        •  Primarily used in an encapsulation                   rugs.
          system, now gaining ground as an overall              gallon  CC14GL    $19.33 (ea)
          preconditioner                                                       $17.40 (4)
                                                                5 gl. pail  CC14PL   $88.43 (ea)
        Encapuclean Green DS employs an exclusive,
        proprietary non-hygroscopic polymer                     Dilution Ratios: 1:8
                                                                Pump or electric sprayer: 16 oz./gl. water
        that allows for even faster drying times.               Hydro-Force sprayer: full strength, use yellow metering tip
        Encapuclean Green DS contains no alcohol                RTU pH: 9.5
        or solvents to try and speed up drying. Its
        exclusive formula does not need them.
        Encapuclean Green DS works effectively and
        is compatible with your favorite method of   GREEN BALANCE
        agitation – cylindrical, rotary brush, Cimex®,
        oscillating, orbital, and bonnet.
        gallon  CC15GL    $42.19 (ea)
                      $37.97 (4)
        Dilution Ratio: 1:32
        4 oz./1 RTU gallon
        RTU pH: 7.5 - 8.0
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