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                                                                 Zone Perfect Ultra Concentrated Prespray

         Flex Heavy Duty Liquid Prespray                         VOC Compliant in all 50 states!*

         Strongest liquid prespray in the                        • The perfect prespray for (all types of stain resist synthetic) carpets and
         Bridgepoint Systems line!                                most wool carpets
                                                                 • Soil-blasting, grease cutting ingredients with an unbeatable cleaning
         • “Nuke it” clean with high powered carpet prespray for severely soiled   punch that out-cleans competitive products
          carpets                                                • Non-resoiling formula keeps the carpet cleaner longer
         • As soon as you apply it, you can start to see it dissolve soil right before   • Ultra-concentrated, 1:32
          your eyes
         • Ideal prespray for apartments, synthetic commercial carpets, and   Zone Perfect is a formula that makes the best traffic lane cleaner in
          bringing dead carpets back to life                     the industry even better, and it is VOC compliant in all 50 states. Zone
         • Special blend of surfactants, alkaline builders, and boosters  Perfect simply has better ingredients, and better ingredients equals
                                                                 better performance. Zone Perfect contains detergent polymers that
         Flex, gallon  CC22GL   $19.89 (ea)                      provide detergent functionality while at the same time imparting
                         $17.90 (4)                              anti-resoiling characteristics. It also contains dispersant polymers that
         Flex, pail  CC22PL   $84.15 (ea)                        provide a powerful soil dispersant and do not attract residues.
         Dilution Ratios: 1:8                                                                $38.57 (ea)
         Pump or electric sprayer: 16 oz./gl. water              *Zone Perfect, gallon  CC03GL
         Hydro-Force sprayer: full strength, use yellow metering tip                         $34.71 (4)
                                                                 Original Zone Perfect, gallon  CC02GL   $38.57 (ea)
         RTU pH: 12.5                                                                        $34.71 (4)
                                                                 Dilution Ratios: 1:32
                                                                 Pump or electric sprayer: 4 oz./gl. water
                                                                 Hydro-Force sprayer: 40 oz./5 qt. water, use yellow metering tip
                                                                 RTU pH: 9.5

                                                                  “Zone Perfect is my go to Prespray in almost every
                                                                  situation. Sometimes, after I spray it on the carpet, the
           “I do a lot, probably 90%, of my business in rental con-  customer will come into the room minutes later and
           dos for property management. I really like Flex because   tell me it looks wonderful – AND THAT IS BEFORE
           it gets those condos really clean. I do a lot of restaurants   I’VE EVEN CLEANED IT. I love Zone Perfect for grimy
           so that’s my favorite product. I’ve never had a problem   hallways to filthy family rooms. I give my customers a
           with it.”                                              100% money back guarantee. I need a Prespray that
                                                                  works first time, every time. Thanks for supplying such a
                        Cary Edler, Floor Seasons, Park City, UT  great product.”

                                                                                     Richard, Nautica Carpet Cleaning.

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