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        Hydro-Glide Wand Glides
        Our new Hydro-Glide allows your wand to glide effortlessly across the carpet and increases technician
        productivity. Hydro-Glides are available in two materials: POM and PTFE. Which one should you pick?
        POM lasts longer than PTFE since it’s a very hard material; however, PTFE has a very low coefficient of
        friction and will glide over carpet easier. It is also “self-healing” which means that it doesn’t develop
        sharp edges like the POM glides when it gets scratched.

        •   Low Coefficient of friction for smooth gliding on carpet.
        •   Tight fitting construction to help minimize vacuum loss.
        •   Unique saw-tooth construction provides more surface area for better air flow and cleans more aggressively
            than standard hole pattern.

        POM Glide (fits #AW29)  #AW529D       $79.30
        PTFE Glide (fits #AW29)  #AW529T      $99.50
        POM Glide (fits Prochem #AW24)  #AW524D  $73.50
        PTFE Glide (fits Prochem #AW24)  #AW524T  $94.50
        PTFE Glide (fits HF Drag Wand #AW01)  #AW501T  $162.64
        PTFE Glide (fits Titanium Wand #AW79)  #AW579T  $146.03
        PTFE Glide (fits Prochem #AW05)  #AW505T  $122.57
        PTFE Glide (fits Prochem #AW57)  #AW557T  $99.50        Gum Blaster Wand
                                                                Now it’s truly fast and easy to remove gum with the
        Soft Touch Valve                                        Gum Blaster! Equipped with a 1,000 psi stainless steel
                                                                valve, this stainless steel tool is designed to work with a
        The ‘soft-opening’ feature of this valve                truckmount at 300 to 400 psi that can produce at least
        uses less power from hands, allowing                    170˚F at the wand. The higher the heat, the quicker
        you to throttle at any pressure, making                 and better the gum is removed. The Gum Blaster can
        wands easier to use. Designed for 1200                  remove dozens of gum pieces in just a few minutes.
        (1500 for stainless steel) PSI, and tested
        at higher pressure, these valves are for                #AW08   $359.00
        popular mounting patterns, and are available with retrofit brackets.
        30˚ offset is ideal for solution lines without extra fittings or bulk. A
        stainless steel ball and PTFE seat make a long lasting seal that is both   Gum Gel
        self cleaning and self-centering every time.
                                                                Gum Gel is a citrus solvent formulated to stay on
          Brass, 1200 PSI      Adapter for    Stainless, 1500 PSI
              #AW791      Prochem #AW793             #AW792     the spot full strength and work fast. You won’t find a
                                                                better gum removal chemical!  Also works on many
               $28.20              $8.20              $56.27
                                                                other spots such as tar, grease, cosmetics and most
                                                                types of ink. Gum Gel is merciless on gum but is safe
                                                                for you and the carpet.
        Wand Handle
                                                                #CS37PT  $16.24         Dilut. = rtu
        Universal wand handle fits 1½” or 2” wands.                     +12 $15.42      RTU pH = N/A
        Provides a comfortable firm grip and is adjustable
        for operator comfort.
                                                                Gum Getter™
        Handle 2”  #AW68    $37.19
                                                                The Gum Getter™ makes gum removal from carpet
                                                                a breeze. With just a few strokes over the gum, you
                                                                do the work of 10–15 bone scrapers. Apply Gum Gel,
                                                                stroke it with the gum getter and the gum will roll up
                                                                for disposal. Also effective for any variety of spot and
                                                                stain removal situations.

        Edging Crevice Tool                                     #AC150  $9.64
        No matter how effective your equipment there’s always some area that
        your wand can’t reach, like corners or along baseboards. You can do all   Crevice Tool
        your edging and detail work from a standing position.
                                                                This 14” metal crevice tool is perfect for detail vacuum work. Gets
        #AW80A  $252.00                                         behind radiators and into other tight spots to remove dry soils. Fits a 1
                                                                ½” hose cuff.

                                                                #AW72   $19.66

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