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                                                   Innovating since 1974                Innovating since 1974  Innovating since 1974

        1) Evolution Truckmount and Portable Wands              5) 2” S-Bend Quad Jet Carpet Wand

        Evolution wands remove twice as much residual water from carpets   This ideal truckmount wand handles 1,200 PSI, has a low profile head
        than conventional wands for much faster drying times. Available as a   and an “S” bend for ease of use. This all stainless steel wand features
        truckmount or portable version.                         a 1.75” wand tube for great balance and airflow with a 2” wand
                                                                connection so it’s lightweight at just 8.5 lbs. It’s 4-jet design with 95015
        2” Truckmount Wand  #AW98     $1103.77                  V-jets gets the heat and impact close to the carpet. Made for maximum
        1.5” Portable Wand  #AW97  $708.78
                                                                recovery, this wand features a 12” wide head and splash guard.

                                                                Quad Jet Wand  #AW57   $518.38                        CARPET WANDS
        2) Titanium Wand - Prochem
        70% the weight of other wands! This wide-stroke, titanium wand
        shortens job time while easing physical strain. This lightweight wonder   6) Carpet Wand
        features an insulated grip handle on the S-bend, making it easier to
        control for smooth, even suction across a wider path and thorough   A high-quality wand at a great price. This very popular, all stainless
        cleaning throughout.                                    steel, two-jet wand works at high or low pressures as well as high
                                                                temperatures and features extra length which gives it a longer and
        Titanium Wand  #AW05  $1450.98                          more comfortable stroke. This 1.5” wand can handle pressures up to
                                                                500PSI and comes with two 11002 jets and an adjustable handle.

        3) Titanium Wand - Hydro-Force                          Carpet Wand  #AW29  $293.12
        Weighing in at less than 9 lbs, this 2” heavy-duty truckmount wand
        with a 15” head will easily, and quickly, power through the toughest
        jobs. The 6 stainless steel jets provide a wider coverage than most
        wands and the PTFE glide reduces friction, and more importantly, back
        fatigue on those days that never seem to end.

        Titanium Wand  #AW79  $999.69

        4) High-Pressure Quad Jet Wand
        This premium heavy-duty “S” wand fits 2” hose and has an 11” head.
        The head is cast into a single piece of stainless steel, which means no
        overlapping joints, welds, or potential sharp edges. The 4 jets sit 1.5”
        away from the carpet for increased pressure and heat.

        Quad Jet Wand  #AW24  $702.88

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