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        CX-15 Carpet Cleaning Tool                HYDRO FORCE

        •   Better Cleaning                       CX•15                 TM
        •   Faster Drying                          Rotary Cleaning Tool
        •   Light & Affordable
        •   Easy To Operate
        The CX-15 rotary cleaner is a crossover tool that bridges the gap between wand cleaning and powered-rotary
        cleaning. In addition to providing the benefits of all angle cleaning, the surprisingly light CX-15 can be carried
        up stairs with ease, and because there’s no rotary rocking action common with rotary machines, you don’t have
        to worry about your technicians dinging walls, knocking over china or accidentally scratching wood or stone
        floors. Water pressures between 400-800 PSI power the high-speed spinning action of twin jets to make over
        4,000 cleaning passes/min. Unlike traditional carpet wands, the CX-15 can aggressively clean carpet fibers from
        multiple directions. The unique Hydro-Glide glide design at the recovery opening improves water removal and
        leaves carpets cleaner and dryer than wand or rotary machine cleaning. The CX-15 can be run with either a
        portable or truckmount to clean residential and commercial carpets.

                    BEFORE                 AFTER
        #AW115   $1399.00   Parts diagram, see page 143.                       See it in action at

        HydraMaster RX-20 High Efficiency

        The RX-20 HE Rotary Extraction power tool features new, specially engineered
        High-Efficiency Skids to recover 58% more water, leaving carpets dryer than
        ever before! The RX-20 HE also has a new Jet System utilizing 3 new-style jets
        configured to apply and focus water in such a way as to reduce carpet surface
        penetration with less overspray so cleaning solution is applied where you want it,
        substantially reducing drying times and improving cleaning results. The RX-20 HE
        revolutionizes the way carpets are cleaned. The five vacuum heads and new three-
        jet system rotate at 130 RPM creating 650 complete cleaning passes per minute.
        This super agitation, combined with the unit’s weight, deeply cleans, extracting
        soil and cleaning solution.
        RX-20 High Speed  #MH20A      $3795.00
        Optional Drive Block  #MH20D  $206.27
        Light Duty Hard Floor Brush  #MH20E  $765.64
        Medium Duty Hard Floor Brush  #MH20F  $737.67
        Heavy Duty Hard Floor Brush  #MH20G  $765.64

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