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         Flex Powder Heavy Duty Prespray

        •  Ultra concentrated, Citrus Solv enhanced, high alkaline carpet prespray
        •  Works on contact and dissolves grease & oil in minutes
        •  Costs only pennies per diluted gallon                                                                      CARPET CLEANING PRESPRAYS
        •  Perfect for any restorative cleaning job
        •  Less foamy than other high pH presprays
        •  Dissolves completely in seconds

         Flex Powder with CitrusSolv is a heavy duty carpet prespray designed
         for use in the Hydro-Force injection sprayer and other types of pump or                         Before
         electric sprayers. Best results are obtained when mixed with hot water.
         6.5 lb. jar  CC21A    $40.45 (ea)
                       $36.40 (4)
         36 lb. pail  CC21B   $166.44 (ea)
                       $149.79 (4)
        Pump or electric sprayer: 2 oz./gl. of warm water
        Hydro-Force sprayer: 16 oz./5 qt. warm water, use yellow metering tip
        RTU pH - 12.5 - 13                                                                               After

          “Flex Powder is really amazing. We used it to clean an extremely greasy, dirty Chinese restaurant and it did a fantastic job.
          Not only did it cut our job time almost in half but it also cut the chemical cost. We have always preferred to use powder pre-
          sprays but none were good enough for this type of job. We have tried many! The search is over. It smells great and mixes so
          much easier than other powders we have tried. What a valuable asset on our chemical shelf. We have also used it on a ce-
          ment restaurant patio, and an oily garage floor, and commercial kitchen tile. It did a great job! We love this product, thanks for
          bringing it to our attention.”
                                                                                  George Hiler, Carpet Care by George

        Bio Break Powdered                                      Wool Perfect
        Enzyme Prespray
                                                                •  Extremely Concentrated - Dilutions
        •  Citrus booster for great oil cutting                   from 1 - 16  to 1 – 32
        •  Enzyme prespray breaks down filthy                   •  Balanced – blend of various types of
          built up oil and grease in carpets                      cleaning agents to work on diverse
        •  Stabilized for long shelf life                         soils encountered in wool rugs and
        •  Perfect for restaurant cleaning                        carpeting
        •  Economical - less than 60¢ a gallon of               •  Versatile – works like typical prespray
          ready to use formula                                    and has enough lubrication to work
                                                                  like shampoo in pit or bath washing
        This highly concentrated formula is perfect               applications
        for busy restaurants or residential family              •  “Wool Safe” Approved – ready to use
        rooms. Bio Break contains encapsulated                    pH 8 to 8.4
        enzymes that produce tremendous                         •  Refined – new superior chemical tech-
        enzymatic action to digest these organic soils and odors.  nology not previously available

        6.5 lb. jar  CC18A    $41.27 (ea)                       gallon  CW15GL    $42.79 (ea)
                       $37.14 (4)                                            $38.52 (4)            TM
        36 lb. pail  CC18B   $193.35
                                                                Dilution Ratios: 1:16, 1:32
         Dilutions:                                             4-8 oz./gl. water
         Pump or electric sprayer: 1-2 oz./gl. of warm water    RTU pH: 8-8.4
         Hydro-Force sprayer: 16 oz./5 qt. warm water, use yellow metering tip
         RTU pH - 9.8

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