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                                                                Atrix HEPA Backpack
        ProForce 1500XP HEPA                                    Vacuum
        The ProForce 1500XP is designed specifically to         An affordable vacuum designed specifically
        provide exceptional cleaning. Premium quality           for commercial cleaning, the Atrix HEPA
        on-board tools and high-performance dual motor          backpack vacuum allows you to quickly
        system offers convenience and durability for            clean all those hard-to-reach places in
        optimal efficiency and maximum effectiveness            offices, libraries, restaurants and hotels.
        now with HEPA level filtration.                         Ergonomic and comfortable fit for all sizes.
                                                                Weighs only 10 pounds.
        1500XP HEPA  #AV88 $569.00
                                                                #AV92 $239.95

                                                                Back-Pack Vacuum

        ProTeam ProGen 12 Upright                               The Back-Pack Vacuum has been designed
        Vacuum                                                  to make vacuuming easier than ever before.
                                                                The molded-in ergonomic back rest makes it
        Upgrade efficiency with ProTeam’s new ProGen 12         comfortable to wear by reducing stress and
        upright. Innovative features, reliable performance,     fatigue. But the real test of this machine is its
        and advanced maneuverability make it the                ability to sustain high airflow as the vacuum
        Next Generation of upright technology. Durable          bag fills. In other back-pack designs, the bag
        construction and no-tools maintenance assure            bulges and stretches when it fills, contacting
        low cost of ownership. Animated dashboard alerts        the side wall and top of the motor, severely
        user to airflow block or brush roll jam. HEPA Level     reducing airflow.
        Filtration™ improves IAQ.
                                                                Back Pack Vacuum  #AV52  $504.69
                                                                10 qt. bags, 10 pk.  #AV52A  $25.36
        ProGen 12  #AV93  $515.90                               HEPA Filter  #AV52B  $73.50                           VACUUMS

        ProTeam ProGen 15 Upright
        Vacuum                                                  Super Coach Pro 10 Vacuum
                                                                The next generation in cleaning comfort.
        The NEW ProGen 15 has the added performance
        and features to make it an instant hit with cleaning    Ergonomic backpack design with patent
        professionals. The increased maneuverability,           pending FlexFit™ articulating harness
        animated dashboard display and patent pending           increases range of motion, reduces fatigue,
        Snap Lock Lid make this an upright like no other.       and improves productivity. New triangular
                                                                shape fits closer to the body and moves with
                                                                the user, reducing the chance of bumping
        ProGen 15  #AV94  $568.65
                                                                into doorways, walls, or furniture.
                                                                #AV90   $539.00

        Syclone 4 Gallon HEPA Canister Vacuum

        With a 1.5 HP 2 stage motor, the H4GVC is the latest addition to the Syclone line. This compact 4 gallon vacuum
        has the strength and durability to get the job done, while also providing the convenience of tool storage right
        on the sleek stainless steel canister tank. The H4GVC comes complete with a 6’ crushproof hose and telescopic
        wand in addition to upholstery, dusting, floor and crevice tools.

        • Utilizes a HEPA filter, individually tested and certified   • Motor delivers 97 of Water Lift and 100 CFM while
         at 99.99% at .3 microns along with a 4 gallon   utilizing less than 12 amps.
         disposable paper filter bag.            • Optional power head plugs directly into port on the
        • Convenient 25 power cord provides excellent   base of the machine
         portable range, extending an additional 14 when
         connected to optional electric power brush head.

        #53490   $475.00

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