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        Brush Pro™ Dry and Wet Carpet Cleaner

        The Brush Pro is ideal for encapsulation cleaning because its counter-rotating
        brushes work your encapsulation chemical into the carpet from multiple directions.
        But you’ll find yourself using the Brush Pro on far more than just commercial
        encapsulation cleaning! The Brush Pro is a perfect tool for agitating prespray on all
        your jobs, regardless of the cleaning method. It is simple and easy to use and will
        dramatically improve cleaning results. The Brush Pro comes standard with a medium
        residential brush.

        Brush Pro Benefits:
          • Cleans fast: 1,500-5,000 sq. ft per hour!
          • Be competitive on commercial carpet cleaning!
          • Easy training: learn to use in minutes!
          • Perfect when warranties prohibit bonnet cleaning!

                                                                Brush Pro 20  #MH200                   $3294.97
           Use for encapsulation cleaning, tile and grout, pile lifting, and   Brush Pro 17  #MH170    $3141.50
           agitating prespray.                                  Brush Pro 10  #MH10                    $1995.00
        Brush Pro Accessory Bag                                 10” White Brush, Med Stiffness  #MH10A  $168.68
                                                                10” Black Brush, Soft Bristles  #MH10B  $168.68
        Now you can keep all your Brush Pro accessories         10” Brown Brush, Stiff Bristles#MH10C  $168.68
        close to hand. The Brush Pro accessory bag will hold 2   17” Standard Blue Brush  #MH53B       $173.23
        Renovators and the brush covers, or put your spotter    17” Stiff Brown Brush  #MH53D          $185.36
                                                                17” Extra Stiff Black Tile and Grout Brush  #MH53E
        of choice, Gum Getter, trigger sprayer and towel in     17” White Wool Brush  #MH53C           $173.23
        the bag so you can take care of tough stains without    17” Gray Residential Carpet Brush - Set of 2  #MH53A  $201.08
        having to walk back and forth to your staging area.     20” Standard Blue Brush  #MH54D        $201.08
        Bag only.                                               20” Stiff Brown Brush  #MH52C          $247.48
                                                                20” Extra Stiff Black Tile and Grout Brush  #MH54E  $201.08
        #AC156  $68.82                                          20” Gray Residential Carpet Brush - Set of 2  #MH54A  $216.16

        Turbocat  Zoom                                            Encapsulation Cleaning Solutions
        Now you can remove embedded dirt and                                    see page 2
        dust much more effectively — all without
        electricity! This power head harnesses
        the airflow of your truckmount’s blower                 Hydro-Force Pile Lifter
        to generate maximum airflow and deep                    There’s nothing like a Pile Lifter to really
        cleaning power. There’s never been a                    remove the deeply embedded grit and dry soil
        quieter, more powerful turbine power head than Turbocat Zoom.
                                                                from carpet. This is a powerful unit that has
        Turbocat Zoom  #AC160     $156.25                       extremely high suction combined with a large
        1.5” Vacuum Relief Valve  #AW54  $36.39                 cylindrical brush that lifts, combs and brushes
        Replacement Belt  #PHP8439-01  $6.92                    the carpet pile. The Pile Lifter is great for pre-
                                                                vacuuming normal soils prior to cleaning on
        Rug Rat Vac Powerhead                                   both residential and commercial carpeting as
                                                                well as special tasks such as removing broken
        A smaller version of the Turbocat Zoom (AC160),         glass or construction soils. It features a trap
        this hand held brush is built with the same exacting    door that protects the motor from large debris
        standards, engineering & materials as its big brother.   while allowing lint, dust and fine particulates
        It’s invaluable for vacuuming stairs, upholstery &      to reach the dust bag.
        many of the more difficult areas to reach.
                                                                Hydro-Force Pile Lifter  #MA29  $2750.71
        #AC170  $60.09                                          Paper Bags, Pkg. 6  #PKL80  $21.06

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