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        Olympus Portable
        Extractors                                                All Olympus Extractors Feature:

        Olympus Portable Extractors come                          • Rugged, Roto-Molded Body w/12-Gallon Capacity
        in nine different models so there’s a                     • Patented Motor Cavity Cooling System
        perfect configuration to meet every                       • No Drip Motor Cavity, Easy Access, No Spills Get Inside
        need! These units are manufactured to                     • Top-Mounted Control Panel
        the highest standards of quality and                      • Large, Partially Pneumatic Tires For Easy Stair Climbing
        performance.                                              • 25’ Vacuum and Solution Hose
                                                                  • 25’ Electrical Cords (50’ with M1200)
        Olympus models with heater feature a                      • Stainless Steel AW29 Wand (Except M1200)
        recirculating design that will heat cold                  • 5 Year Warranty on Body, One Year on Balance of Machine
        water to 165° or keep hot water hot
        through the whole use of the tank for consistent, high quality cleaning.

        Olympus M1200 Stone, Tile & Grout Extractor
        This is the ideal stone, concrete, and tile and grout machine that can
        also be used to clean carpet! It delivers 1,200 PSI to blast away even   Model  PSI  Vac motor  Weight  Cords  Heater  Price
        heavy soils from tile and grout, and the hybrid vacuum system (one   M100  100  Dual 5.7” 2-stage  85 lbs.  1  No  $1477.95
        2-stage and one 3-stage) provides the vacuum power to leave floors   M100H  100  Dual 5.7” 2-stage  92 lbs.  2  Yes  $1877.95
        nearly dry. The M1200 comes with auto-fill, auto-dump and auto-  M200  200  Dual 5.7” 2-stage  90 lbs.  1  No  $1877.95
        chemical feed as well as a built-in Breaker Buddy so you know you are
        on two separate circuits. The PowerPrime™ feature eliminates priming   M200H  200  Dual 5.7” 2-stage  98 lbs.  2  Yes  $2328.95
        problems. Just hit the lever and the unit is primed!     M3-200  200  Dual 5.7” 3-stage  93 lbs.  2  No  $2164.95
                                                                 M3-200H*  200  Dual 5.7” 3-stage  101 lbs.  2  Yes  $2808.77
        #M1200    $3495.88
                                                                 M3-500  500  Dual 5.7” 3-stage  105 lbs.  2  No  $2677.95
                                                                 M500H   500  Dual 5.7” 2-stage  117 lbs.  2  Yes  $2774.95
                                                                 M1200**  1200  1, 5.7” 2-stage & 1,   141 lbs.  2  No  $34.95.88
                                                                             5.7” 3-stage
        Olympus Auto Fill & Chemical Metering Option
                                                                *20 amp circuits required to run all systems (M3-200H)    **Wand not included.
        Add this option to any Olympus extractor for continuous water feed.
        Ideal for commercial work, this option includes a chemical metering   Olympus Auto Waste Pump Out Option
        system, 50’ low-pressure water fill hose and all hardware. Order with
        extractor and unit will be fully installed and ready to run.  Add this option to any Olympus extractor for automatic waste water
                                                                pump-out. Features a high-volume pump that’s so powerful it’s perfect
        #M012   $377.64                                         for flood work! Comes with 50’ of ¾” waste dump hose, auto float valve,
                                                                and all hardware. Order with extractor and unit will be fully installed
                                                                and ready to run.
                                                                #M016    $431.57

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