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                                         Nautilus Portable Extractors

                                         Series for maximum lift, or parallel for maximum air flow, with the AirFlow+ vacuum system,
                                         it’s your call! The AirFlow+ vacuum system allows you to quickly change your vacuum motors
                                         from a series configuration to a parallel configuration in under a minute with no mechanical
                                         skill needed. Whether you’re extracting flood water and need maximum lift, or cleaning tile
                                         and need maximum air flow, the Nautilus has you covered. 5 year warranty on the body. 1
                                         year on parts, excluding wear items. Visit for more information.

                                          AirFlow     +             The  Nautilus  portable  extractor  achieved  Platinum
                                                                    Certification  from  the  Carpet  and  Rug  Institute  (CRI).  The
                                                                    Platinum  Certification  is  the  highest  designation  available
                                                                    from  CRI  and  highlights  the  superior  cleaning  and  water
                                                                    extraction achieved with a Nautilus portable extractor.
             Easy-To-Access Components                                         Customizable

                                                                                                    SERIES  PARALLEL
                                                                                                   60% More Lift  Double Air Flow
                                                                                                           air flow
                                                                                                          vac  vac
                                                                                                          motor  motor
                                                                         3 stage
                                                                                                      air flow
         Clam shell design improves access to   Open space between components makes                   AirFlow +
         components               it easier to change out components  2 stage
                         Long Lasting                           Modular design allows   Plug-and-play wiring   Change from a series
                                                                                 harness simplifies motor  to a parallel vacuum
                                                                for easy upgrading of
                                                                components       and pump replacement  configuration on the fly
                                                                   Caddy Bags
                                                                   Fits Nautilus and other portables.
                                                                   Carry tools, hoses, spotting bottles,
                                                                   accessories, and attachments on the
         Highest quality vacuum motors and   Durable rotomolded body & engineered
         pumps                    to ensure components are protected  side of the machine to make transporting
                                                                   numerous items easy, saving on set-up
                     Increased Storage                             and break down time.
                                                                   8 Pocket Tool and Accessory
                                                                   Caddy Bag (19" W x 24" L)
                                                                      #AX204BLU        #AX204TEA
                                                                      #AX204RED        #AX204CHA
                                                                   Hose Caddy Bag (24" x 18" x 6")
         True 12 gallon solution and waste tank  Flat top allows you to carry around
         storage                  lots of gear and molded-in locations   #AX205BLK     #AX205RED
                                  hold a 5 gallon bucket and two 2 quart
                                  pump sprayers                       #AX205BLU        #AX205CHA
                 Improved Transportation                                                    $60.95

                                                                   Side Rail Kit for Nautilus Portables
                                                                   Mounts on the side of your Nautilus portable allowing
                                                                   you to attach Caddy bags or other accessories.
                                                                                      #NM100660     $22.98

                                                                   Belt Pack
         Handle-mounted wheels for   Large 12” wheels allow   Weight is kept low   The Nautilus comes pre-drilled so
         easy unloading/loading  for easier transportation   and to the rear to   you can attach various accessories
                              up and down stairs  improve the center of
                                               gravity             like the Belt Pack.
                                                                         Belt Pack #AX108    $24.62
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