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        Stainless Steel Grout Brush                             Mini Shark

        The stainless steel grout brush will clean up stains    The Mini Shark has a thick, durable handle for easy
        you either thought were permanent or had to             gripping when scrubbing grout and is angled in a
        use harsh cleaners to remove. Easily cuts through       way to maximize downward force to get out the most
        paint, embedded oil, or grease without damaging         stubborn stains. The tough nylon bristles will outlast
        the grout. The bristles are stiff enough to dig deep    traditional brushes and have a sloped edge that cleans
        into the pores in grout and scrub out dirt, yet soft    right up to the edge of the tile.
        enough not to ruin the surface.
                                                                #AB111    $8.23
        #AB113  $26.77
                                                                Hydro Stick
        Dirty Grout Demon Brush                                 Some grout sealing situations
        Tired of grout brushes that wear out too                require the control of doing
        fast, or don’t perform? Get a brush with                the work on hands and knees
        teeth! The new Dirty Grout Demon will chew              and that’s where the Hydro
        up and spit out your old grout brush! The               Stick comes into play. For use                        TILE AND GROUT ACCESSORIES
        Tynex bristles on the Grout Demon have                  with clear or colored sealers
        microscopic silicon carbide teeth that make             and can be used with solvent
        short work of even the dirtiest grout lines.            or water-based sealers. Comes with two containers with four brushes.

        Head only #AB112   $19.52                               Hydro Stick #AR55  $25.41
        Metal Handle  #AB18M  $9.93
                                                                Grout Wand
        Premium Grout Brush                                     This is a great tool that applies the proper amount of grout
        This new premium grout brush has stiffer                sealer in one application with professional results all from
        bristles in a tapered configuration that allows         a standing position! Simply push down and the sealer is
        you to brush hard into the smallest crevices            applied — let up, and the flow of sealer stops. Used for water-
        with greater control and speed. It’s more               based sealers only. (For solvent based or colored sealers use
        aggressive than our AB36 brush. The nine inch           the Hydro Stick AR55).
        brush block fits on a threaded handle.
                                                                Grout Wand #AR57   $17.45
        Metal Handle  #AB18M      $9.93                         Head Assembly #AR57P  $9.65
        Grout Brush  #AB35        $10.56
        Grout Brush with handle  #AB35A  $20.95
                                                                Injectimate Grout Sealing Kit
        Grout Brush                                             This kit gives you total control over the
        The unique pivoting head of this premium grout          amount of sealer applied because the flow
        brush allows the stiff crimped, acid resistant nylon    of sealer stops after each squeeze of the
        bristles to glide along grout lines, in corners and     trigger! Simply use the 3’ extension tube to
        up walls. Brush is bevel-cut to get into grout lines.   apply sealer to floor grout and the 4” tube
        Lock-down handle socket securely attaches to a          to apply sealer to wall and counter grout.
        variety of handles.                                     Includes 4” tube, 3’ extension tube, 3 brushes,
                                                                and instructions. (bottle sold separately)
        Grout Brush  #AB36  $22.56
        Wood Handle #AB18H  $7.20                               Grout Seal Kit  #AC13A $55.42
                                                                Injectimate  #AC13  $42.26
                                                                Brush Set  #AC13D  $15.49

                                                                Wood Finish Applicator And Terry
                                                                Cloth Cover

                                                                Use to apply Hydro-Force Wood Finish to hardwood floors.
                                                                This lint free applicator makes applying finish almost
                                                                foolproof. This tool can also be used to clean wood floors
                                                                or any other hard surface.
                                                                Applicator  #AX145  $24.71
                                                                Terry Cloth Cover  #AX146  $7.20

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