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        Spinergy  Stone Polishing Pads                          Economy Nylon Carpet
        These pads are meant to be used to remove
        wear and achieve a wide variety of finishes             These durable nylon bonnets provide
        from dull hone (no shine) to a high polish              excellent agitation on commercial glue
        on marble, travertine, terrazzo or limestone            down carpet when used with rotary tools.
        floors, walls or counter tops that have little
        to no lippage (uneven tiles). Limestone,                17” Bonnet  #AC151  $19.11
                                                                19” Bonnet  #AC153
        travertine, marble and terrazzo become worn             21” Bonnet  #AC152  $26.55
        and abraded due to foot traffic and abrasive
        soils. Spinergy diamond impregnated polishing pads are the safe, easy
        and effective way to restore the surface to the original factory finish.
        Old methods require a technician to use multiple honing and polishing   Speedtrek Carpet Bonnets
        compounds which may contain acids that actually damage the surface.
        Spinergy pads require no messy or toxic chemicals, only water.   Low profile, highly absorbent bonnets feature
                                                                scrubbing strips of polypropylene designed
        ALL PADS ARE COLOR CODED BY GRIT                        to draw up moisture and soil, cleaning
                                                                the dirtiest of carpets. Can be repeatedly            BONNETS AND POLISHING PADS
            11,000     8,000     3,000     1,500      800       laundered.
                                                                17” Bonnet  #AC87  $31.63
        Each set includes one of each of the following Spinergy Pads:   21” Bonnet  #AC89  $36.04
        800 Red, 1500 Purple, 3000 Blue, 8000 Yellow, and 11,000 Green
        (replacement pads can be ordered separately)

        20” Set of 5 pads  #ASP20  $336.30  For a complete list of part   Microfiber Carpet Bonnets
        17” Set of 5 pads  #ASP17  $261.67  #’s including individual
        7” Set of 5 pads  #ASP07  $142.71  pads please visit    Multi-purpose for use on carpet and hard
        5” Set of 5 pads  #ASP05  $108.10  surfaces (like hardwood floors) for mild
        17” Black (400 grit)  #ASP17BLK  $52.33                 abrasion and superior absorption. Positively
        17” Brown (200 grit)  #ASP17BR  $52.33
                                                                charged Microfibers are split into 17 strands
                           Download a free instruction manual for hard   for amazing soil-pulling power.
                           surface refinishing at:
                                                                17.5” Bonnet  #AC88  $19.09
                                                                19.5” Bonnet  #AC92  $28.02
        16” Maroon Scrubbing Pad
        To scrub and lightly abrade the existing
        finish on wood floors to promote bonding
        of Hydro-Force Wood Finish.
        #AX143   $8.08                                          Hand Bonnet
                                                                Ideal for shampoo cleaning of upholstery
                                                                fabrics, stairs and along walls. Bonnet
                                                                with hand hole for maximum control
        16” White Buffing Pad                                   provides absorption while two strips
                                                                deliver necessary agitation.
        Use as a cushion with the maroon scrubbing
        pad to limit abrasion during the cleaning               #AC93  $22.72
        process. Use alone after the floor has been
        cleaned and cured to increase the shine of
        the floor.
        #AX142  $8.48

        Water Otter Power Washer

        Perform tile and grout work without tying up your truckmount or if your portable extractor does not have
        enough power. This commercial-duty, portable unit produces 250 to 1,200 PSI and 2.2 GPM at the nozzle tip
        while the 120-volt electric motor draws 8- to 14.3-amps. Comes with a 35’ GFCI cord, a female garden hose inlet
        and a ¼” female quick connect. Water temp may not exceed 180° F.
         #AS1200  $944.49

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