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        4” Gekko Hand Tool                                      14” Gekko Wet Vacuum Tool
        This handheld version of the AR51D is                   Prevent premature age of your carpet wand
        used for cleaning walls, countertops or                 by using a tool designed specifically for water
        other detail work.                                      extraction on hard surfaces. This tool consists of
                                                                an AR51V Gekko wet vacuum tool and an AR51A
        #AR53   $288.15                                         Gekko wand.

                                                                #AX10X   $199.59
        4” Gekko Head
        The single 1502 jet makes this a must
        for scouring stubborn grout lines,                      14” Gekko Wet Vacuum
        edging and tight spots when cleaning                    Tool Head Replacement
        hard surfaces.                                          This Gekko head is designed for water
                                                                extraction, and doesn’t have any jets
        4” Gekko Head  #AR51D  $139.00
        4” Gekko Hard Boot                                      inside the head. Replacement head for                 STONE, TILE AND GROUT TOOLS
        Replacement  #AW17A   $25.21                            AX10X.
                                                                #AR51V  $88.08

        Hide-A-Hose Assembly SX-7
                                                                Gekko SX-15 Tool
        This 10’ long Hide-A-Hose Assembly is
        designed to be used with the handheld                   The new Gekko SX-15 attaches an
        SX-7 (AR51G). The solution hose runs                    SX-15 head to a Gekko wand to create
        through the inside of the vacuum hose                   an even thinner profile for this tile
        keeping it out of the way and making it                 cleaning monster. The Gekko SX-15 was
        easier to work in tight spots.                          created after numerous requests for a
                                                                wand-style set up for the SX-15.
        #AH180  $176.50
                                                                #AR51S   $664.35

        Gekko Edge, Corner and
        Coving Head

        Cleans corners, edges and coving with
        one easy stroke. The included coving                    Gekko Wand Adapter Kit
        cover allows to clean just the edges if                 The Gekko Wand Adapter attaches to
        desired.                                                your old Gekko wand and allows it to

        #AR51C  $129.00                                         be used with the NEW Gekko heads.
                                                                Simply insert the adapter into the base
                                                                of the old Gekko wand and thread on
                                                                the new heads. Will not adapt new
                                                                wand to old heads.
                               Accelerated Tile                 #NM5641   $61.54
                               And Grout Cleaning

          This easy-to-follow program will teach you everything you
          need to get into this lucrative business. Learn stone and tile
          identification, grout composition, chemical preparations, cleaning
          and sealing, detail work and more. English and Spanish included.

          #JS090     $99.95

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