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                                                         BUILT FOR SPEED

                                                            HYDRO-FORCE™ SX-15

                                                                  Hard Surface Cleaning Tool

                                                                       S       X       •         5

                                                                                              Innovating since 1974   STONE, TILE AND GROUT TOOLS

        Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Tool            Clean Faster                   Dry Faster
                                                       Clean 25% faster with an industry   Head is aerodynamically engineered to
        Don’t miss the boom in stone, tile and grout! You’ve probably
        noticed the trend in commercial and residential buildings to   leading 15” cleaning path.  create a laminar flow vortex that leaves
        replace carpet with stone and tile. The unmotivated carpet                    floors drier than ever before.
        cleaners lament this, while those with vision see it as a huge
        opportunity. Not only is hard surface cleaning easier and
        faster, you’ll actually make more money per hour! And, no tool   15”
        will work faster and make you more money than the SX-15.                12”

        Simply spray your chemical on the surface to be cleaned and
        then use the SX-15 to quickly blast away soil deposits and
        remove waste water at the same time using the vacuum from   Work Faster       Optimize Drying Conditions
        your portable or truckmount.
                                                       EZ-LOC™ tool-less boot change allows   Optimize drying conditions with the
        The SX-15 comes with both a hard boot and brush skirt to   you to go from a  brush skirt to a hard   toe-adjustable vacuum break to ensure
        adapt to your vacuum source. The brush skirt is used for high   boot in seconds.  you have the right vacuum pressure.
        suction machines to allow the SX-15 to move more smoothly
        across the cleaning surface.

        Parts breakdown on page 110.

        SX-15  #AW105  $997.02

          SX-15 FEATURES                               Low Profile Design             Faster Water Removal

          •   Reinforced, stronger head eliminates flexing and   Low profile design allows you to get   The SX-15 removes water twice as fast
             makes it more durable than any other on the market.  under toe-kicks eliminating the need to   as competitive models.
          •   Larger vacuum relief ports and redesigned brush skirt   hand clean.
             cut dry times in half!
          •   See the video. Visit us at   
             and enter SX-15 in the search.

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