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        Viper 11 Alkaline Stone and                             Viper 2 Acid Cleaner
        Tile Cleaner                                            Viper 2 is an acid cleaner for man-made ceramic,
                                                                porcelain and quarry tile. Use for floors or walls
        Viper 11 is an alkaline pre-treatment cleaner           with mineral scale and soap scum residue or to
        for stone, man-made ceramic, porcelain and              remove embedded stains from grout. Amazing
        quarry tile. Amazing advances in surfactant             advances in high tech surfactant technology
        technology help Viper 11 melt away grease,              help Viper 2 cut grease on the acid side of
        stains and soil – and do it without the addition of     the cleaning spectrum and do it without the
        solvents or highly caustic builders. Ideal for use      addition of solvents. Viper 2 has a low-vapor
        in deep cleaning for restaurants, kitchens, and         formula designed to reduce irritation resulting
        areas of high traffic. Minimal residue improves         from inhalation. Do not use on acid-sensitive
        bonding and performance of sealers. Also a great        surface materials like marble, terrazo, travertine, or   Dilution Ratio:
        maintenance cleaner.                   Dilution Ratio: 32 ounces                                    1:4 (32 ounces
                                                  per gallon of water.  limestone.                       per gallon of water).
                                                      RTU pH: 11
         #CH43GL   $21.01     4+ $18.91                         #CH42GL      $20.20    4+ $18.18              RTU pH: 2

                                                                Viper Grout & Concrete Sealer
                                                                This grout and concrete sealer utilizes a unique
        Viper 7                                                 new formula to achieve all the benefits of solvent-
                                                                based grout sealers in a water-based product! It
        Viper 7 is an excellent neutral cleaning agent          resists soils, stains, chemical degradation, biological
        used as a maintenance cleaner as well as to rinse       growth and even efflorescence and offers excellent
        and neutralize hard surfaces where alkaline or          oil and water repellency and hold-out. And yet,
        acid cleaners have been used first (such as Viper       grout sealer is vapor permeable so it lets water
        11 or Viper 2). Viper 7 has excellent degreasing        vapor out but doesn’t let liquid water in! This is
        properties for a neutral cleaner, which makes it        a very affordable product that is outstanding on
        excellent for routine maintenance. Viper 7 will cut     grout and can also be used on any porous tile
        and suspend grease and soils and leave the floor        such as quarry or Saltillo. It provides exceptional   Dilution Ratio: RTU
        sparkling clean while leaving minimal residue,          protection at a price point you and your customers   RTU pH= 8.5
        improving bonding and performance of sealers.           will love.
                                              Dilution Ratio: 1 to 6 ounces
        #CH45GL   $22.45    4+ $20.21             per gallon of water  #CH05GL  $55.66    4+ $50.09
                                                      RTU pH: 7

                                                                Premium Grout & Stone Sealer

        Solvent Based Grout Sealer                              Premium Grout & Stone sealer is a water-based
                                                                penetrating sealer specially designed to seal
        This low-odor solvent-based sealer takes                porous stone, tile and grout. Treated surfaces
        advantage of fluorochemical technology                  repel and are protected against water and
        for oil, water and dry soil resistance just like        stains—without affecting slip resistance! No
        fluorochemical carpet protectors. Solvent Grout         other sealer can compare to the durability and
        Sealer dries in six hours and reaches full cure in      performance of this premium product. Grout
        48. Very affordable and easy to apply with the          is actually strengthened when protected with
        Grout Stick and can be used on any non-sealed           Premium Stone & Grout Sealer! Effective on all
        cementitious surface (like grout). Will not change      grout and most absorbent and semi-absorbent
        the texture or color of the existing grout when         stone and tile. Can be sprayed with pump-up
        dry. Can be shipped WITHOUT hazardous freight           sprayer and worked in with squeegee or applied
        charges!                                                with the Injectimate Grout Sealing Kit or Grout   Dilution Ratio: RTU
                                                                Wand.                                         RTU pH: 8
                                                  Dilution Ratio: RTU
         #CH04QT   $16.19  12+ $23.57
                                                     RTU pH= N/A
                                                                Quart  #CH06QT     $26.30    12+ $23.67
                                                                Gallon  #CH06GL  $91.35    4+ $82.21

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