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            Basic Steps to LEATHER CLEANING

        Overview                                                Protected Leather Cleaning
        A) Types of Leather                                     1. Approximately 80% of all leather furniture and almost all automobiles will
                                                                  be protected leather. Protected leather has a pigment coat applied over
        PROTECTED                                                 the surface and is sealed by a finish of polyurethane resins.  In fact, as
        Also known as Finished, Semi Aniline, Everyday, Pigmented and Painted, these   long as the finish is intact, you are cleaning the finish and not the leather
        Leathers combine the best aspects of a natural product and utilize tannery   itself.
        technology to create a product that is more uniform in appearance and color.
                                                                2. Identify the leather as protected. A fingernail will not scratch the leather to
                                                                  a lighter color.  Water does not darken protected leather because it does
        ANILINE                                                   not soak into it. Color is consistent from panel to panel.
        Also known as Natural, Pure, Naked and Unprotected, these are leathers that
        are colored with transparent dyestuff. This means you can see the actual   3. Pretest by cleaning a side of the cushion which does not show. Once you
        surface grain markings. These leathers have very little or no protective   are assured it is a protected leather, then proceed.
        treatments applied to them.
                                                                4. Spray Hydro-Force Leather Cleaner onto microfiber cloth. Apply to leather
        NUBUCK                                                    panel and work microfiber cloth in a circular motion. Wipe up foam with
        Also known as Chaps, Distressed, Bomber and Suede, Nubuck is an Aniline   terry cloth towel. Repeat as necessary. Position air mover to dry leather
        leather that has been brushed, sanded or scratched to create a velvet or pile   that has been cleaned.
        feel or look to the grain side of leather. Suede is the flesh side of the hide
        and is of lower quality.                                5. Once leather is uniformly clean and dry to the touch, apply Hydro-Force
                                                                  Leather Protector with a soft cloth. Spread evenly across the leather and
                                                                  let dry naturally.
        B) How to identify leather on location

        1. Evaluate the leather visually. Protected leathers will have a consistent   Aniline Leather Cleaning
          coloration due to pigmentation, while Aniline and Nubuck will have a   1. An Aniline leather will have a varied hue, will be soft, will scratch readily
          varied hue. Any leather with a nap will be Nubuck or suede.   with a fingernail, will darken when Hydro-Force Leather Cleaner is applied,
                                                                  and will dry clear after Hydro-Force Leather Protector has been applied and
        2. Feel the leather. The softer the leather, the more likely it is Aniline or   dried.  Stains will often not be totally removed, and the lighter the color,
          Nubuck. The stiffer the leather, the more likely it is Protected.  the more they will show.  Be sure to look for fading as that happens easily.
                                                                  Evaluate the dryness of the leather, as an extra step is often needed to
        3. Go to an inconspicuous place and scratch the leather with your fingernail.   restore the feel of the leather after cleaning.
          Aniline and Nubuck will scratch readily and the scratch will be a lighter
          color. Protected leather has a finish made of polyurethane resins. The   2. Clean an inconspicuous panel of leather, usually the side of the cushion.
          only way this leather will go lighter is by scraping off the finish and the   Spray Hydro-Force Leather Cleaner onto microfiber cloth.  Rub onto the
          pigments.                                               panel of leather in a circular motion. Look at your cloth to see if the color
                                                                  of the leather came off on the cloth. If no color is seen, then proceed with
        4. In an inconspicuous place, rub Hydro-Force Leather Cleaner into the   the cleaning (if transfer of color occurs, then more advanced training and
          leather. Aniline and Nubuck leather will darken as the cleaner is absorbed   procedures may be required). Wipe off dirt with terry cloth towel and dry
          into the leather. The cleaner will not absorb into Protected leather.  panel with hair dryer.

        5. This final test will determine the difference between Aniline and Nubuck. In   3. Continue cleaning from panel to panel, drying each panel as you go with
          an inconspicuous place, rub Hydro-Force Leather Protector on the leather   hair dryer or air mover. After entire sofa is cleaned, inspect for areas that
          and dry with a hair dryer. Aniline leather will dry clear with no difference   may need further attention, and re-treat.
          in texture. Nubuck leather will dry darker with a slight change in texture.
          Hydro-Force Leather Protector mats down the nap of Nubuck causing the   4. Apply Hydro-Force Leather Protector after furniture is cleaned. Dry each
          area to be darker.                                      panel with a hair dryer as you protect it.

                                                                5. For dry leather found in your pre-inspection, apply Hydro-Force Leather
                                                                  Revitalizer after leather is cleaned, protected and dry to the touch. Let it dry
                                                                  naturally overnight. Hydro-Force Leather Revitalizer will revitalize the feel
                                                                  and touch of the leather by returning the leather moisture back into the
                                                                  leather that has been lost over time.

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