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        Hydro-Force Professional Leather Cleaner                Hydro-Force Professional Leather Revitalizer

        Hydro-Force Professional Leather Cleaner is specially   Hydro-Force Professional Leather Revitalizer protects
        formulated to deep clean even the most stubborn dirt,   leather from cracking and premature aging by providing
        soil, and spills from protected and aniline leather. It meets   the essential oils and lubrication that it needs to remain
        or exceeds the performance standards of leading Italian   soft and supple. Leather that does not regularly have
        leather cleaners with a more economical price. It is easy   conditioner applied can become dry and stiff. Hydro-  LEATHER CLEANING AND PROTECTION
        to apply and easy to use. It works effectively without the   Force Professional Leather Conditioner replenishes
        use of damaging and harsh chemicals that dry and stiffen   the natural moisture and oil that can be removed from
        leather. It gets deep into the grain of the leather and   leather by time, light, direct sunlight, dry air, heat, soiling
        emulsifies, dissolves, and deflocculates dirt and oil that   and improper cleaning agents.
        builds up over time. It is pH balanced specifically for fine
        leather and will not damage your protective finish.
                                                                #CL205QT    $20.91  4+ $18.82
        #CL200QT   $18.34  4+ $16.50                                                                Innovating since 1974
                                                                Hydro-Force Leather Kit
        Hydro-Force Professional Leather Protector
                                                                All the Hydro-Force Leather
        Hydro-Force Professional Leather Protector protects     products you’ll need to start
        leather from staining, soiling, cracking and premature   cleaning leather. Products held in
        aging, by providing a protective guard to the surface of   a four gallon container for storage
        the leather as well as the essential oils and lubrication   and easy on the job transportation.
        that it needs to remain soft and supple. A simple “Wipe-  Great value, quality products
        On, Wipe-Off” application penetrates easily into the    comparable to top quality Italian
        fibers of leather providing a protective barrier between   leather cleaning products.
        the leather and foreign spilled material such as oils,
        liquids, alcohol, normal dirt and soiling and much more.   Includes:
        This barrier makes regular cleaning and maintenance     • 2 Quarts Leather Cleaner  • 5 microfiber cloths and two sponges
        much easier while keeping the leather looking like new.   • 1 Quart Leather Revitalizer  • Leather Procedures Guide
                                                                • 1 Quart Leather Protector  • Square bucket for easy storage
        #CL210QT    $27.49  4+ $24.75
                                                                #CL03H      $95.38
        Universal Cleaner                                       Oleosa
        Universal Cleaner is an effective high power cleaner for   Made for the special needs of oil pull-up leathers. Oleosa
        pigmented leather. Universal Cleaner contains a highly   uses the same type of fat liquors used originally to give the
        effective detergent for cleaning leather upholstery like car,   leather its look and feel. It also has the same protection
        motorcycle, boat and airplane seats. It can also be used   properties of Protection Cream and can remove scratch
        on other strong colored leather articles like shoes and   marks. Test on an inconspicuous area before using.
        handbags. Not for aniline leathers, nubuck or suede. Liter.
                                                                Liter #CL040  $53.17                 P  A
        #CL016    $33.00

        Nubuck Foam Cleaner                                     Leather Vital

        This adaptation of the Strong Cleaner formula provides   For revitalizing and softening old and stiff leathers. It
        another option for you to clean color and moisture sensitive   penetrates deep to soften and nourish the leather. Use it
        leathers. The foam limits the water absorbed into the leather.   before dyeing to improve dye acceptance. It also helps stop
        For extremely porous leathers, its use will reduce drying time,   the squeaky, leather-on-leather noise.  P  A
        decreasing the amount of time you need for cleaning.    Liter #CL032  $49.18
                                                                                                 *Ground shipping only.
        300 ml #CL038  $19.92          P   A  N
        Leather Specialist Kit                                  Used with Leather Master® Strong Cleaner to
                                                                create foam for cleaning all leather types.
        All your most-used Leather Master®
         products are in one heavy-duty                         #AU29   $0.84       P    A   N
         toolbox. Includes a quart each of
         Strong Cleaner and Protection Cream.                                                              N
        Also contains smaller bottles of the                    Consumer Kits
         other leather products you’ll need
         but don’t use as often. This kit marks                 These kits are used to perform regular routine
         you as a leather professional. Includes                maintenance.
         Intro to Leather Cleaning DVD!                                               $19.41
                                             P   A    N         Nubuck Cleaning Kit  #CL036
        #CL039     $376.24                   *Ground shipping only.  Leather Protection & Cleaning Kit  #CL035 $24.48  P  A
         P     = Protected Leather                = Aniline Leather                 = Nubuck Leather
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