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G ROOM Solutions

        Groom Solutions DEODORIZATION AND

        ODOR CONTROL Cleaning Procedures


       Professional cleaners may be called upon to treat, deodorize or eliminate malodors that come from a variety of sources. Pet urine odors are one of
       the most commonly encountered contamination problems in carpeting and upholstery, but there are other common malodors too. Common issues
       include cooking odors, tobacco smoke odors, bacterial and bad fungi odors, vomit, and other organic and protein odors. More severe odor problems
       can be linked to skunk musk, smoke damage, mold and fungi odors, and decomposing protein. The severity of the odor contamination as well as the
       customer’s level of tolerance will play the biggest role in your treatment procedures.

         GENERAL TREATMENT CONSIDERATIONS      • Locate and eliminate all sources of the odor
         Aromacide Deodorizer, Malodor Modifier and Pet   • Flush and physically remove or extract as much of the
         Force are concentrated products that you will dilute   contamination as possible
         according to the directions before using. They can be   • You must apply enough deodorizing solution to be
         used effectively in a variety of application mechanisms.   proportionate to the odor causing material. Saturate spray
         Regardless of the malodor you are treating there are several   direct areas of contamination to recreate the conditions
         steps that you can take to assist in treating the area and   that caused the odor with your Aromacide Deodorizer
         eliminating the odor.

        USING MALODOR MODIFIER™                USING Aromacide™ DEODORIZER          USING Pet Force™
        Always pre-test on fabric to be        For General Purpose Deodor-          Oxidation using  Pet Force
        treated for colorfastness first.       izing                                is a quick method to deal
                                               Mix 1 part solution with 4 parts     with all three aspects of
        • Shake well before using              water in a spray applicator. Saturate   urine deposits - odor, stain
        • Mix 1 part solution with 2 parts water.   spray all areas of contamination.   and contamination.
         In some severe situations it can be used
         full strength on areas that are wet.  For Wet (water based) Fogging        The release of oxygen triggers
        • Saturate spray or pour on problem    Mix 1 part solution with 3 parts wa-  the breakdown of urine into
         area. Malodor Modifier begins         ter. Do not breathe resulting mists.   basic components such as
         working immediately, however vary-    Protect moisture sensitive surfaces   oxygen, nitrogen and carbon
         ing dwell time is required depend-    before application.                  dioxide.
         ing on severity of the situation. You may want to
         consider injecting mixed solution into carpet with   For Urine Contamination  Pet Force is mixed in a bucket of hot water.
         syringe or the Injectimate™ system. Allow to dwell   Mix 1 part solution with 4 parts water. Saturate spray
         20 minutes to 24 hours. Do not allow area to dry.  or pour mixed solution onto contaminated area.   • Pour the activated liquid over the contaminated area
        • Extract area thoroughly. For best results, use a   Consider application with an injection system deep   until the pad and carpet are saturated.
         subsurface extraction tool such as the Spot Lifter®   into the carpet cushion and sub floor. For best results,
         or Water Claw®.                       allow to dwell for 15 minutes before extraction with   • Allow 30 minutes dwell time and extract with Water
        • Consider post application light spraying of treated   a sub-surface extraction tool such as the Spot Lifter®   Claw or Flash Xtractor. Additional water during the
         area. Malodor Modifier will not contribute to   or Water Claw®.             extraction process will flush out more contaminants
         rapid re-soiling. Aromacide Deodorizer can be                               out of the carpet.
         added up to 1 part to 4 parts of Malodor Modifier   As A Cleaning Additive
         to boost odor removal.                For portable extractors - mix 2 ounces of solution   • The fragrance will cover any odor until the carpet
        • Repeat procedure if necessary for persistent problems.  with mixed cleaning solution in fresh water solution   is dry.
        • Note: Do not use with hot water, bleach, disinfec-  tank.
         tants, antimicrobials, or harsh chemicals. They will
         make the product less effective.

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