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G ROOM Solutions

        Groom Solutions ADVANCED

        STAIN REMOVAL Systems

        SYSTEM 1                                                SYSTEM 2

        Artificial colors and dyes including children’s drinks and   Natural colors and dyes including fruit, urine, mustard,
        sport drinks                                            furniture stain and other organic dyes.

        1.   Using water only, rinse spot free of any other chemical   1.  Using water only, extract and rinse spot free of any other
           from previous spotting attempts. Vacuum the stained    chemical from previous spotting attempts.
           area to leave as dry as possible before proceeding.
                                                                2.  Always pretest for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area.
        2.   Mix one part Stunned (already diluted
           at 1:8) with one part Liquid Browning                3.  Apply Triplephase Stain Remover straight
           Coffee Free. Mix only as much solution as              across the affected area of the stain. Allow
           needed. Shake vigorously.                              to dwell five to ten minutes. Agitate with
                                                                  spotting spatula or tamping brush, and
        3.   Pretest carpet/fabric for colorfastness.             blot with clean, colorfast white absorbent
                                                                  towel. Rinse and extract area thoroughly to
        4.   Spray the mixture you just made directly             remove as much of the stain and moisture as
           onto the stain.                                        possible. If any residual stain remains, apply
                                                                  Triplephase Stain Remover again. Allow to
        5.   Apply steam from a vapor steamer for one to          dry. Do not judge final results until solution has dried.
           two minutes, or longer if needed. Pay careful attention   KEEP CHILDREN AND PETS AWAY FROM TREATED AREA
           to area being treated and watch for color change. Note:   UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY DRY. For mustard stains, consider
           (You may use a slightly damp white cotton towel and    prolonged exposure (20 minutes to four hours) to an
           an iron as heat source if steamer is unavailable. Check   ultraviolet light.
           periodically for color change.)
                                                                  Store Triplephase Stain Remover in cool, dark area.
        6.   Extract treated area.                                High heat and sunlight exposure can dramatically
                                                                  impact shelf life and effectiveness of product. Store only
        7.   Repeat steps as necessary.                           what you need in the work vehicle and keep as far away
                                                                  from truckmount as possible. Do not put in pressurized
        8.   Discard unused product.                              sprayer.

                                                                Notice: This product contains oxidizers and may pull the
                                                                original color of the carpeting, especially when used in
                                                                conjunction with heat and other accelerating actions.

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