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G ROOM Solutions

        Groom Solutions COMMERCIAL CARPET

        Low Moisture Cleaning Guide

        ENCAPSULATION PROCEDURE                                   BONNET CLEANING PROCEDURE

      1  Pre-vacuum or pile brush using the Brush Pro           1  For use as a bonnet cleaner:
        fitted with renovator trays to remove excess
        soil.                                                      Mix Peroxicap or Brush N’ Vac according to label
                                                                   directions. Apply to bonnet pad and to carpet with
      2  Mix Peroxicap or Brush N’ Vac according to                a pump up pressure sprayer, electric sprayer, or bat-
        label directions into your pump-up or electric             tery sprayer in an even, overlapping pattern across
        pressure sprayer.                                          the area to be cleaned. Apply just enough solu-
                                                                   tion for the carpet to be moist to the touch.
      3  Apply the ready-to-use solution as a
        mist in a consistent overlapping pattern. Use              Agitate the solution into the carpet with your bonnet
        more solution only in heavily                              pad. Allow the cleaning solution to dry completely.
        soiled areas.
                                                                   Vacuum the carpet at the next scheduled vacuuming
      4  Agitate the Peroxicap or Brush N’ Vac into the carpet     interval.
        with a counter-rotating cylindrical brush agitation ma-
        chine, a shampoo brush, or a pre-moistened microfiber
        bonnet pad.

      5  Allow the cleaning solution to completely
        dry. Use an Air King or OmniDry air mover to
        reduce drying times.

      6  Vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

                                                                                 1                     2

        1  Prespray with Brush Pro
          Carpet Prespray.

        2  Spread Dry Compound evenly over
          the carpet surface.
                                                                                3                      4
        3  Agitate with the Brush Pro counter
           rotating brush machine.

        4  Allow 15 minutes for compound to
           fully absorb soil then extract using
          the Brush Pro fitted with renovator trays.

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