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        Hydro-Force Heavy Duty                                  DVD - Hardwood Floors - Clean-
        Hardwood Cleaner                                        ing and Preservation

        Heavy Duty Hardwood Cleaner is designed                 It’s easy to become proficient and success-
        to only be used with the extraction cleaning            ful using the Hydro-Force Hardwood Floor              WOOD CLEANING AND RE-COATING
        system in an extraction machine designed                Cleaning and Preservation System. It only takes
        for wood. It is an aggressive cleaner that              15 minutes to watch the DVD which will take
        removes heavy soils and prepares the                    you through a step by step process. Once you
        floor to receive the preservation finish.               have the basics, and get the equipment and
                                                                products, you are ready to go to work.
        #CW026GL  $26.53         Dilution Ratio: 32 oz/gl
                  4+ $23.72
                                      RTU pH: 11                #LA17  Available online.

        Hydro-Force Wood Fresh                                  Wood Product Brochure
        Hardwood Cleaner                                        An attractive well-done brochure explaining
                                                                the complete Hydro-Force Wood Cleaning Sys-
        Wood Fresh Hardwood Cleaner is designed                 tem to your customer. Not customizable. Sold in
        to be used as a neutralizing rinse in an                packets of 50.
        extraction machine following the use of
        the Heavy Duty Hardwood Cleaner. This                   #LB73  $0.29 ea.
        cleaner is also used in our abrasion cleaning
        system with the rotary floor machine and
        maroon pad to remove the surface soil and               Hard Surface Cleaning System
        the embedded dirt. It will also remove scuff            Guide, Wood and Tile
        marks and other imperfections. It can be
        used for daily cleaning of hardwood floors.             This guide contains the Hardwood Floor
                                                Dilution Ratio: 32 oz/gl  Cleaning and Re-Coating System on one
                                                      RTU pH: 8  side and the Tile, Grout and Hard Surface
        #CW025GL   $22.63                                       Cleaning System on the other. Download
                   4+ $20.37
                                                                your free copy at and
                                                                place them on each truck.
        Hydro-Force Hardwood                                    #LB2941
        Preservation Finish
        Hardwood Preservation Finish (Gloss                     Lindhaus Floor Scrubber & Extractor
        or Satin) is designed to be used as a
        preservation finish over an existing                    This unique machine combines
        urethane finish on a hardwood floor.                    lightweight, agility, and practicality
        A superior blend of urethane and                        and operates with amazing power to
        acrylic, the finish can be easily ap-                   remove the most stubborn dirt and
        plied over urethane after a thorough                    grime from hardwood floors.
        cleaning and preperation of the base                    See page 28 to learn more.
        finish. The base finish can be prepared
        by the extraction or abrasive clean-
        ing method. This preservation finish                    VersaPro
        serves as the wear coat and protects   Dilution Ratio: RTU  The VersaPro is a rotary floor machine
        the original finish of the floor.          RTU pH: 7.8
                                                                that allows you to clean all kinds of
                                                                floors with a single machine.
        Gloss  #CW032GL      Satin  #CW033GL                    See page 26 to learn more.
              $54.55               $54.55
              4+ $49.09            4+ $49.09
                                                                Wood Finish Applicator
                                                                and Terry Cloth Cover
                                                                Applicator  #AX145   $24.71
                                                                Terry Cloth Cover  #AX146  $7.20

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