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                                                                                                    G ROOM Solutions
        Triplephase™                                            Perky Spotter®

        Triple action, ready-to-use oxidizing stain remover.    An effective, non-toxic, ecologically safe, all-
        Triplephase was designed to alter the structure         purpose cleaner for spot and stain removal
        of stains by removing, oxidizing, or making             on carpeting, upholstery, and clothing. Perky
        them invisible. Ideal for use with furniture stains,    Spotter® is an odorless, water-based chemi-
        wood stains, shoe polish, urine contamination,          cal that is safe to use around children and
        coffee, vomit, pigments and mustard. This               pets. Approved for all stain resistant carpets.
        product is for use with synthetic carpet or fabrics       •  Industry icon
        only. Not recommended for natural fabrics.                •  Works on all types of stains - food, drinks,
                                                                    mud, tar, pet, toner, blood, inks, grease,
          •  Makes the most troublesome stains disappear
          •  VOC compliant                                          cosmetic and more!
                                                                  Dilution Ratio: RTU
           #CS513QT $15.71         Dilution Ratio: RTU  SP
                   12+ $14.14      RTU pH 5.5                     RTU pH 9.5
                                                       SPOT TER
                                                                   8 oz.  #CS40E  $5.05      32 oz.  #CS40QT  $11.43
                                                                              24+ $4.79                   12+ $10.29
                                                                    32 oz. Spray    $11.96   Gallon  #CS40GL  $23.21
        Gum Gel                                                        #CS40S  12+ $10.76                 4+ $20.89
        Gum Gel is a citrus solvent formulated to stay on the
        spot full strength and work fast. You won’t find a better   Aromacide™ Deodorizer
        chemical for gum removal. It also does a killer job on a
        wide range of other spots such as tar, grease, cosmet-  Aromacide Deodorizer has been specially
        ics and most types of ink.                              formulated to counteract and neutralize
                                                                organic malodors through a multi-phased
           •  Gel limits spread of product, but allows penetra-  attack on organic odor producing materials.
             tion into the surface of gum or adhesive           It works effectively on a wide variety of
           •  VOC compliant                                     common and specialized odor problems,
                                                                including airborne malodors, skunk musk,
            #CS37PT  $16.42        Dilution Ratio: RTU          urine odors, smoke odors, bacterial and
                    12+ $15.42     RTU pH N/A          SPOT TER  fungal odors, stale odors, vomit, and
                                                                many other organic and protein odors.

                                                                  •  Fresh lavender sage fragrance
        Malodor Modifier                                          •  Extremely effective on a broad range of malodors - urine, smoke,
                                                                    skunk, bacterial and fungal odors and more
        Malodor Modifier is extremely effective in                •  Contains no enzymes, quats or solvents
        correcting pet odor problems such as urine,               •  VOC compliant
        feces, vomit and in the removal of organic                #CD504GL  $29.85                    Dilution Ratio: 4-8 oz./gl.
        related staining. Malodor Modifier produces                         4+ $26.88                 RTU pH - 7.0 - 7.5
        enzymes as catalysts for the decomposition
        of organic related odors and related staining.
        For use on all water safe surfaces: carpets and
        rugs, drapes, tile, trash containers, plastic,          Pet Force Odor & Stain Remover
        wood, mattresses, clothing, vinyl, upholstery,
        concrete, etc.                                          Pet Force combines the cleaning and de-
                                                                odorizing power of natural oxygen with
          •  Ideal pet deodorization treatment
          •  Encapsulating and bonding additive                 the odor neutralization of a proprietary
            creates permanent barrier against odor              fragrance designed to work against urine.
            production                                          The natural oxygen will effectively eliminate
          •  VOC compliant                                      stains caused by the urine contamination.
           #CD505GL  $20.03                  Dilution Ratio: 1/2 oz. / gl.  •  Powered formula destroys urine odors
                    4+ $18.03                RTU pH 7.0            •  Eliminates urine stains
                                                                   •  VOC compliant

                                                                    7 lb jar  #CD516A  $37.09  Dilution Ratio: 8 oz. per Gallon of hot water
                                                                                  4+ $33.08
                                                                                              RTU pH 10

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