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        G ROOM Solutions

        Select Pro™ Carpet Extraction                           Liquid Browning/Coffee Free
        Detergent                                               Browning and Stain Remover

        Select Pro combines the cleaning power of               Liquid Browning/Coffee Free is specially
        extraction powders with the instant solubility          formulated to effectively deal with two of            CARPET, UPHOLSTERY AND RUGS
        of a liquid. It is very aggressive on all types of      the most problematic and common carpet
        soil, yet safe for your customer’s carpets and          issues – browning and coffee stains. This
        for your machinery. Select Pro will effectively         solution works extremely well for remov-
        remove even the most deeply imbedded                    ing browning that may occur on carpet or
        soils. Yet, its ready-to-use pH is within the           upholstery due to improper cleaning.
        recommended cleaning guidelines for
        warranted residential stain resistant carpets.            •  Ideal for large commercial accounts with lots
        It is cost efficient due to its ultra-concentrated         of coffee spills
        formula, providing for lower cost per use.                •  Spray on, extract out
                                                       E X        •  Prevents browning and traffic lane yellowing  SP
                                                                  •  Effective on coffee, tea, and other tannin spots
          •  Ultra-concentrated (1:320)                                                                       SPOT TER
                                                      EXTRACTION  •  VOC compliant
          •  Leaves no soil attracting residue
          •  VOC compliant                                        #CS511GL  $11.90                     Dilution Ratio: RTU
          •  Perfect when extra cleaning power punch is needed in restaurants   4+ $10.71              RTU pH 3.0
            and apartments

          #CC507GL  $16.67        Dilution Ratio:  2 oz. / 5 gallons water  Perky  Spotter Plus
                    4+ $15.01     RTU pH 9.5 - 9.9
                                                                Perky Spotter Plus lifts spots and stains from
        Refreshsoft™ Neutralizing Rinse                         carpet and upholstery with little effort. With
                                                                its unique synergistic action, Perky Spotter
        Refreshsoft is a concentrated neutralizing              Plus will effectively treat and remove almost
        agent used in the final extraction and rinse for        all common household spills and stains.
        carpet and upholstery cleaning. It completes            Perky Plus is non-toxic and non-flammable.
        the ideal extraction cleaning with its non-               •  Green ingredients - safer for the
        resoiling formula that includes an encapsulant              environment
        polymer. It stabilizes dyes, works to prevent             •  Works effectively on food and beverage
        browning and yellowing, pH neutralizes the                  spills, cosmetics, shoe polish, inks, and
        carpet, and leaves a soft luxurious feel.
                                                                    most greasy soils
                                                                  •  VOC compliant
          •  Ultra-concentrated (1:320)
          •  Stabilizes color, prevents browning and              #CS514QT  $14.03                     Dilution Ratio: RTU
            yellowing                                  E X                  12+ $12.63                 RTU pH 9.5
          •  pH neutralizes fiber                                  #CS514GL  $25.45
          •  Leaves a soft, luxurious fresh feeling to carpet fiber  EXTRACTION  4+ $22.91
          •  VOC compliant
          •  Provides corrosion protection for your equipment components   Lift-Ink™ Carpet Spotter
            and fittings
          #CC508GL  $17.71          Dilution Ratio: 2 oz. / 5 gallons water  Unlike other solvent based ink removing
                    4+ $15.93       RTU pH 3.0 - 3.5            spotters that require tons of agitation and
                                                                dirty up a ton of blotting towels, Lift-Ink is an
        Citrus Burst Booster                                    emulsifying ink, dye, and marker remover.
        Citrus Burst is a multi-purpose cleaning                  •  Removes ball point pen, stamp pad,
        solution, boosting agent and extremely                      duplicating ink, markers, inks, paints and
        effective solvent spotter for use on carpet and             much more
        upholstery.                                               •  VOC compliant                 SP
          •  Removes gum, wax, tar, paint, oil,                   #CS512PT   $14.62                SPOT TER
                                                                             12+ $13.16
            grease, cosmetics, ink, dyes, soot,                                                        Dilution Ratio: RTU
            toner, graphite, adhesives and glues                                                       RTU pH 7 - 7.5
          •  VOC compliant
          #CS510GL  $35.67   Dilution Ratio: 1-2 ounces /
                   4+ $32.10  mixed gallon
                             RTU pH N/A
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