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                                                                                                  G ROOM Solutions
        Peroxicap™ Encapsulation Cleaner                        Brush n’ Vac Brush/Bonnet
                                                                Encapsulate Cleaner
        Peroxicap is a 5 in 1 multi-purpose, hydrogen
        peroxide activated and encapsulating polymer            Brush n’ Vac absorbs and cleans the worst soil.
        fortified carpet cleaning agent. It can be used         The soil is absorbed into a bonnet or suspended
        effectively as a hot water extraction prespray, a       for later vacuuming when used with the
        low moisture encapsulation cleaner, a bonnet            brush method. This makes vacuuming more
        cleaning solution, an encapsulating hot water           effective and is the foundation for an excellent
        extraction rinse, and as a carpet spotting agent.       maintenance system for commercial carpet. For
        Peroxicap combines a hydrogen peroxide                  best results, use Brush n' Vac with the Brush Pro.
        detergent blend with a special encapsulating
        polymer that helps effectively remove many
        spills and spots (coffee, wine, blood, urine              •  Ideal low moisture encapsulation cleaner
        caused discoloration, and more) during                    •  Prevents soil and spill wicking and
        the cleaning process. Retards resoiling.                   streaking
                                                P    E N          •  Enhances carpet soil resistance
          •  Low moisture encapsulation cleaner                   •  Works well with all types of low moisture agitation equipment
          •  Extraction/traffic lane cleaner   PRESPRAYS  ENCAPSULATE  •  VOC compliant
          •  Carpet spotter
         E •  VOC compliant                                       #CC33GL  $21.59                     Dilution Ratio: 1:16
                                                                                                      RTU pH: 7.5
          #CC503GL  $30.44                     Dilution Ratio: 1:12
                    4+ $27.40                  RTU pH 5.5
                                                                Vibrant™ Carpet Extraction
                                                                Vibrant combines the boosted cleaning
        Brush Pro Dry Compound                                  power of high pH extraction powders with
                                                                the instant solubility of a liquid. No time is
        Deep cleaning dry compound                              wasted stirring; just mix and use. Vibrant
        imbedded with cleaning agents that                      is highly buffered to maintain cleaning
        lift and separate soil from fibers and                  efficiency even under the highest dilution
                                                                and most challenging soiled conditions.
        then absorbs into the compound for
        easy removal. Dry and ready for use                       •  Ultra-concentrated (1:320)
        immediately.                                              •  Provides corrosion protection for your
                                                                   equipment components and fittings
                1           2            3            4           •  Leaves no soil attracting residue         E X
                                                                  •  Perfect when extra cleaning power punch is needed in
                                                                   restaurants and apartments
                                                                  •  VOC compliant                            EXTRACTION
        20 lb. Pail  #CC604B  $49.98                               #CC506GL  $15.64          Dilution Ratio: 1 oz. / gallon
                                                                            4+ $14.08        Heavily soiled: 1 oz. / gallon
                                                                                             Normal soil: 2 oz. / gallon
                                                                                             RTU pH 11.0 - 12.0

        Brush Pro Carpet Prespray                               Foam-Less
        Use as a spotter, pre-spray when using                  Foam-Less knocks down foam fast! This highly
        Brush Pro Dry Compound, or as a stand                   concentrated defoamer is sucked through your
        alone encapsulate cleaner with the Brush                vacuum hose to coat the entire system and
        Pro machine.                                            knock down foam before it gets to your recov-
                                                                ery tank. Protects your valuable equipment and
        #CC602GL  $27.23                                        lets you keep on cleaning. Mix 8 oz. per gallon
                  4+ $24.51
                                                                of hot water and suck in through vacuum hose
        Dilution Ratio: 10 oz. / gallon water                   as needed.
        RTU pH: N/A
        Spot Remover  Encapsulation  Prespray for Brush Pro Dry Compound
                                                                #CH47GL   $23.88
                                                                          4+ $21.49
                                                                                                      Dilution Ratio: 8 oz per gallon
                                                                                                               RTU pH: 7

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