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The Flex brand of products is

       proud to introduce a new

       member to the family!

       FLEX FIRE

       Powdered Alkaline Extraction Rinse

       Flex FIRE is a hard-hitting, no-holds barred solution to
       commercial carpets that are so greasy they should be
       posting slip-fall signs. Paired with Flex Powder or Flex
       Liquid, this duo is so dynamic that it makes Han Solo
       and Chewbacca envious.

       See the amazing result of teaming up Flex Powder and   Flex Powder
       Flex Ice to rejuvenate dingy greasy carpets to like new!
                                                            Heavy Duty Carpet Prespray
                          Photo courtesy of Benjamin Hildebrand.
                                                            A HOT, ultra concentrated, Citrus Solv
                                                            enhanced, high alkaline prespray for
                                                            carpets needing a restoration cleaning.


                                                            Heavy Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner
                                                            Flex is what you need when it’s time
                                                            to bring in the heavy artillery. Flex
                                                            dissolves soils and oils so quickly,
                                                            that on some carpets, you can
                                                            actually see it working.

                                                            Flex ICE
                                                            Powdered Neutralizing Extraction Rinse

                                                            No matter what pre-spray is used, and no
                                                            matter the carpet or upholstery fiber, Flex
                                                            ICE leaves the fiber exquisitely clean and
                                                            at a neutral pH.
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