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        Wool Perfect                                            Oxybuff Cotton Shampoo -
                                                                Fringe Cleaner
        •  Extremely Concentrated - Dilutions
          from 1 - 16  to 1 – 32                                •  Easy to Mix - powder blend of Boost All,
        •  Balanced – blend of various types of                   Buff All and Fabric Shampoo.  No longer
          cleaning agents to work on diverse soils                any need to mix up three ingredients in a
          found in wool rugs                                      special recipe.  Measure out 3 to 4 oz. with
        •  Versatile – works like typical prespray                gallon of hot water in bucket
          and has enough lubrication to work                    •  Easy to Apply -  Apply foam to fringe with
          like shampoo in pit or bath washing                     soft brush.  Some areas may need extra
          applications                                            agitation with hard brush
        •  “Wool Safe” Approved                                 •  Efficient with System – Apply to fringes
        •  Refined – new superior chemical                        of several rugs at a time.  After sufficient
          technology not available five years ago                 dwell time, extract rug and fringes at same   Dilution Ratio: 1:32 - 1:42
                                                                  time with Wool Zone                 RTU pH: 7
                                           Dilution Ratios: 1:16, 1:32 8 oz./gl. water
        gallon  CW15GL    $42.79 (ea)
                       $38.52 (4)      TM  RTU pH: 8-8.4        8 lb. jar  CU62A    $68.91 (ea)
                                                                               $62.01 (4)

        Wool Zone                                               Hydrocide Odor Neutralizer

        •  Unique - uses proprietary acidic rinse agent         Hydrocide is an amazing odor counteractant
          that has been used to scour raw wool in the           that immediately and permanently eliminates
          early stages of wool processing                       odors from pet and human urine, vomit,
        •  Limits Residue – proprietary rinse agent             decayed organic matter, sour smells, feces,
          helps remove more soil than acids alone.              skunk, musty mildew odors, smoke and much
          The anionic hydrotope also hardens                    more. Hydrocide contains an odor neutralizer
          remaining residue making it  more brittle             that binds to and destroys odors—no matter
          and easier to vacuum away                             what the source—in carpet, upholstery,
        •  Limited Wetting – uses anionic hydrotope             mattresses and hard surfaces.  Hydrocide
          to provide enough wetting to follow the               contains no bacteria, enzymes, oxidizers
          prespray into the carpet to perform the               or chemical desensitizers. And, Hydrocide
          rinse function effectively                            contains a polymer that resists resoiling of
        •  Protects your Equipment – contains two               treated areas. Works great on wool rugs and
          special corrosion inhibitors to protect your          other natural fibers.
          equipment                          Dilution Ratio: 1:320
                                             2 oz/5 gl. water
                                                                quart CD13QT    $21.94 (ea)  Dilution Ratios:
        gallon  CW16GL    $30.55 (ea)   TM   RTU pH - 3.0-3.5                 $19.75 (12)  Sprayer: 4-8 oz./gl. (Depending on odor severity)
                       $27.50 (4)                               gallon CD13GL   $79.51 (ea)  Prespray Additive: Up to 8 oz./gl. RTU prespray
                                                                              $71.56 (4)   RTU pH: 6.5

        Wool Medic – Dye Stabilizer                             Maxim Advanced for Wool –
        - Urine Rinse                                           Stain Resistance

        •  Sets Dyes – Proper balance of acid                   •  Starts with Maxim Advanced Base Formula
          needed to set most dyes prior to                        - modified with additional ingredients
          cleaning. Use Dye-Loc for extreme                       to assist penetration into fiber and add
          bleeders                                                additional stain resistance for wool
        •  Assist Flushing of Urine - special                   •  Protects Investment - Most rugs are not
          surfactant, solvents and rinse additive                 investments in the true sense of the word,
          combines with acid to help neutralize                   even in good condition.  No rug is an
          urine salts, break down lipids and assist               investment if it has a stain that cannot
          the flushing of the rug with the Water                  be removed.  A protector followed by
          Claw, Flash Extractor or immersion                      professional spotting generally means no
          techniques                                              stain, where the rug will continue to be
        gallon  CW17GL    $30.55 (ea)         Dilution Ratio: 1:4 - 1:6                              Dilution Ratio: 1:2
                                        TM    32 oz./gl. water                                       64 oz./gl. water
                       $27.80 (4)                               gallon  CP10GL    $59.48 (ea)
                                              RTU pH - 3.0-3.5               $53.53 (4)         TM   RTU pH: 5.0-5.2
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