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        Green Balance Carpet                                    Green Balance Neutralizing
        Prespray                                                Rinse
        This prespray uses advanced surfactant                  Green Balance Neutralizing Rinse is ideal             GREEN CLEANING/ENVIRONMENTAL
        technology instead of solvents to rapidly               as an extraction rinse or post-cleaning
        dissolve tough oil-based soils. Unlike many             topical spray. This acid rinse leaves carpet
        other green cleaners, Green Balance utilizes            fibers absolutely their cleanest, free from
        a mildly alkaline formula that delivers                 both soil and detergent residue. Then,
        significantly better cleaning than acid side            state-of-the art polymer technology in-
        cleaners.                                               sures that carpet won’t resoil due to deter-
                                                                gent residues. It stabilizes dyes, prevents
        Green Balance Prespray has been formu-                  browning and yellowing, pH neutralizes
        lated based upon information supplied by                the carpet, and leaves a soft luxurious feel.
        the leading green certification program for             Formulated based upon the information
        environmentally preferred cleaning prod-                supplied by the U.S. EPA DFE program and
        ucts. Highly concentrated for economic use     GREEN BALANCE  other green programs for environmentally
        at 32 to 1 for normal soiling conditions. Safe          preferred cleaning products.         GREEN BALANCE
        for wool and all synthetic carpets.                                                   Dilution Ratios: 1:32
                                        Dilution Ratios: 1:32   gallon  CR03GL    $23.88 (ea)  Portables: 2 oz./5 gl. water
                                                                                              Truckmounts: 1 qt./5 gl. Water
        gallon  CC11GL    $34.41 (ea)   Normal Soiling: 4oz./gl. water        $21.49 (4)
                       $30.97 (4)       Extreme Soiling: 6 oz./gl. water                      RTU pH: 4.5-5
                                        Hydro-Force Sprayer: Mix 1:4 and use
                                        yellow tip.
                                        RTU pH: 8.5

        Green Balance Carpet                                                                             GREEN BALANCE
        Extraction Rinse
        Designed to work in conjunction with the                  BALANCE
        Green Balance Prespray, Green Balance
        Extraction Rinse is a mildly alkaline formula
        designed to deliver additional cleaning power             Certified Green Cleaning Solutions
        often missing from acid side “green” cleaners.
                                                                  That Clean Dirty Carpets
        In addition, Green Balance Extraction                     Green Balance Carpet Cleaning Solutions from Bridgepoint Systems
        Rinse also incorporates advanced polymer                  accomplish the most important task of all — cleaning dirty carpets.
        technology to prevent rapid resoiling and
        keep carpets clean longer. Formulated                     Green Balance products were submitted to a leading independent
        based upon the information supplied by                    testing laboratory to scientifically measure the level of actual soil
        the leading green certification program for               removal and to ensure that the products do not contribute to rapid
        environmentally preferred cleaning products.    GREEN BALANCE  resoiling. They had to clean better than all of the other carpet cleaning
                                                                  solutions, whether green or not.
        gallon  CC13GL    $36.57 (ea)     Dilution Ratios: 1:64
                       $32.92 (4)         Portables: 2 oz./5 gl. water  The result is green products that you can genuinely count on in the
                                          Truckmounts: 1 qt./5 gl. water  real world. They are perfect for cleaning even the dirtiest residential or
                                          RTU pH: 8-8.5           commercial office carpets, leaving them sparkling fresh looking, feeling
                                                                  and performing at their very best!

                         The Carpet and Rug Institute
                         (CRI) Seal of Approval

            The CRI Seal of Approval program identifies effective carpet
            cleaning solutions that clean carpet right the first time and
            protect a facility’s carpet investment. Look for the blue and
            green CRI Seal of Approval.

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