Page 35 - Bridgepoint Systems 2017-2018 Catalog
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                                                     All stone, grout and porous tile should be sealed using a water
                                                     or solvent based impregnating sealer to protect the surface from
                                                     spills while preserving the natural appearance.

                                                     SOLIDROCK is the preferred option when sealing high-end stone
                                                     floors.  Solidrock  contains  a  bonding  and  protection  technology
                                                     that provides maximum protection against spills and stains without
                                                     affecting slip resistance

                                                     REVIVE is designed to reveal the vibrant colors hidden in the stone
                                                     and highlight all the rich colors of the stone.  Revive is safe on any
                                                     interior stone surface but is especially effective on slate, Saltillo tile,
                                                     flamed or tumbled finishes and other textured or porous surfaces.
                                                     The easy to use water based formula provides long-lasting protection
                                                     against common household spills and soils.

                                              R=Recommended  A=Acceptable  X=Do Not Use
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