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                                                                                                Use Chart
                           Vivid Stone & Tile Cleaner Neutral Rinse                             Flagstone     R
                                                                                                Sandstone     R
                                                                                                Marble        R
                           The perfect solution for maintenance cleaning of stone or tile floors and countertops. Safe   Limestone  R
                           and effective on all stone surfaces, Vivid Stone and Tile Cleaner does not contain chelating   Travertine    R
                           agents which adversely effect the mineral content of many stone surfaces. Vivid can also be   Serpentine  R
                           used as a final neutralizing rinse following restorative cleaning of stone, tile and grout.  Slate  R
                                                                                                Granite       R
                                                                                                Man-Made Tile
                           RTU pH: 7.0-7.5                       gallon CST03GL     $21.17 (ea)  Ceramic      A
                           Dilution Ratio: 2-4 oz./gl. water                         $19.06 (4)  Porcelain    A
                                                                                                Quarry        A
                                                                                                Saltillo      A
                                                                                                Grout         R

                                                                                                Use Chart
                           Stoneperfect High Powered Alkaline Stone,                            Stone
                           Tile & Grout Cleaner                                                 Flagstone     R
                                                                                                Marble        R
                           Stoneperfect is a prespray to loosen and emulsify soils and stains on stone, tile and grout.   Limestone  R
                           Stoneperfect is powerful, yet sensitive enough for fine stone surfaces with its hard-hitting   Travertine    R
                           blend of builders, solvents and surfactants. It is also ideally suited for cleaning stone and tile   Serpentine  R
                           that has been affected by fire and smoke damage.                     Slate         R
                                                                                                Granite       A
                                                                                                Man-Made Tile
                                                                                                Ceramic       R
                             RTU pH: 10.5-11.5                     gallon CST01GL    $30.55 (ea)  Porcelain    R
                             Dilution Ratios:                                                   Quarry        R
                             Normal soiling: 1:8                                   $27.50 (4)   Saltillo      R
                             Heavy soiling: 1:2
                                                                                                Grout         R

                                                                                                Use Chart
                           Resuscitate Restorative Tile & Grout Cleaner                         Stone
                                                                                                Flagstone     A
                           Spinergy Resuscitate is a professional strength, acidic formulation to remove hard water   Sandstone  A
                           spots, grout haze, soap scum and efflorescence from tile, grout, granite, slate and sandstone.   Marble  X
                           Use Resuscitate when other methods have failed. Resuscitate will readily remove a thin layer   Limestone  X
                           of soil embedded grout renewing the appearance of the surface.       Travertine    X
                                                                                                Serpentine    A
                                                                                                Slate         A
                                                                                                Granite       A
                                                                gallon CST02GL      $34.50 (ea)
                           RTU pH: 1.0-1.5                                                      Man-Made Tile
                           Dilution Ratio: 1:1 to 1:32                               $31.04(4)  Ceramic       R
                                                                                                Porcelain     R
                                                                                                Quarry        R
                                                                                                Saltillo      R
                                                                                                Grout         R

                                              R=Recommended  A=Acceptable  X=Do Not Use
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