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        Carpet & Fabric Deodorizers

        Using deodorizers as a standard part of your cleaning process is smart business. Why? The sense
        of smell is one of our most powerful senses and your customers know that if it smells clean, it is
        clean! That’s why using Cherry or Lemon Deodorizer is a great way to add value to your services and
        increase customer satisfaction.
        Cherry, Lemon Fresh and Sweet Lemon Deodorizers  are highly concentrated and fills rooms with a
        pleasant, clean fragrance—for only pennies per job! Deodorizing agents also go to work to eliminate
        the sources of common odors. These are safe deodorizers that contain no oxidizing or bleaching
        agents, which means that they can be mixed with virtually any cleaning compound. They can be used
        as an after spray or added to cleaning solutions. They’re safe for carpet, water-safe upholstery, laundry
        and general space deodorizing. Cherry, Lemon Fresh and Sweet Lemon Deodorizers offer strong,
        pleasing fragrances. No matter which one you use, both smell clean!

        Cherry Scent, gallon CD10GL    $18.17 (ea)         Dilution Ratios:
                                   $16.35 (4)              After Spray: 2-4 oz./gl. (Increase depending on odor severity)
        Sweet Lemon Scent, gallon CD11GL   $18.171 (ea)    Truck Mount: 16-32 oz./5 gl. stock solution
                                   $16.35 (4)              Portables: 2-4 oz./gl. of cleaning solution
        Fresh Lemon Scent, gallon CD12GL  $18.17(ea)       RTU pH: 7
                                   $16.35 (4)

        Premium Odor Counteractants
        Premium Odor Counteractants are fantastic cleaning deodorizers with wonderful,
        contemporary fragrances your customers will love for only pennies per job. But even more
        importantly, they contain true odor neutralizers that attack the sources of more challenging
        odors. When you’re dealing with really tough odors like old dog and cat urine, rot, vomit or
        even skunk, you can super charge Premium Odor Counteractants with Bio-Charge! This adds
        a highly concentrated dose of bacterial enzyme odor digesters to the already potent odor
        neutralizers in any of our Premium Odor Counteractants.

        Spice Air: This is our best seller! The exotic spice fragrance your customers will love. Apple
        Air: The crisp fragrance of apple that says “clean!” to your customers. Spring Morning: Takes
        the best nature has to offer to provide a truly exhilarating scent. Meadow Fresh: Like taking a
        breath in the mountains on a beautiful spring day! Neutral Air: This non-specific fragrance is
        designed to cancel out odors without leaving an identifiable fragrance behind. Summer Air
        has a wide spectrum odor control and a pleasant fruity floral fragrance.

        Summer Air, gallon CD04GL    $29.95 (ea)      Dilution Ratios:
                                  $26.95 (4)          After Spray: ½ - 8 oz./gl.
        Spice Air, gallon CD15GL   $30.24 (ea)        Truckmounts: 12 oz./5 gl. stock solution
                                  $27.22 (4)          Portables: ½ - 1 oz./gl. RTU solution
        Spring Morning, gallon CD06GL   $23.24 (ea)   RTU pH: 7
                                  $20.92 (4)
        Apple Air, gallon CD16GL   $30.24 (ea)
                                  $27.22 (4)
        Meadow Fresh, gallon CD07GL   $23.70 (ea)
                                  $21.33 (4)
        Neutral Air, gallon CD08GL   $23.70 (ea)
                                  $21.30 (4)

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