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        Bio-Modifier Xtreme - Premium Odor Remover

        Bio-Modifier Xtreme is a concentrated, active solution with bacteria, hydrocide and an extreme modifier designed to
        eliminate odors from urine, mold, mildew, organic rot, vomit, smoke, skunk and protein fire residue. Bio-Modifier Xtreme
        changes the odor at the molecular level and works in a shorter time frame than typical bacteria/enzyme products to digest
        the organic source material.                                                                                  PET AND ODOR REMOVERS

        • Beneficial microorganisms digest odors   gallon CD05GL    $30.55 (ea)   Dilution Ratio: RTU
        • Hydrocide destroys odors at first contact          $27.50 (4)           RTU pH: 8
        • Bio-Modifier Xtreme cancels odors and leaves a
          pleasant fragrance                         Training video available online.

        Bio-Modifier Premium Odor                               Bio-Charge Deodorizing
        Remover                                                 Bio-Enzyme Additive

        Bio-Modifier with Hydrocide is a ready-to-              Bio-Charge is a highly concentrated bacteria/
        use, highly active solution with strong odor            enzyme formulation designed to be added
        counteractants to immediately knock down                to Bridgepoint Systems Premium Odor
        and keep odors suppressed while bacterial               Counteractants to eliminate severe odors
        enzymes go to work. Bio-Modifier contains the           from urine, mold, mildew, organic rot, vomit,
        highest level of bacteria possible, producing           smoke, skunk and protein fire residue.
        multiple enzymes to digest odors at the                 Bio-Charge produces broad-range enzyme
        source quickly and effectively. It will eliminate       activity that breaks down the substances
        odors caused by urine, mold, mildew, organic            which cause odor and even consumes food
        rot, vomit, smoke, skunk, protein fire residue          sources for molds and mildews as well. This
        and more.                                               combination goes to work immediately!
                                              Dilution Ratio: RTU  Bio-enzymes continue to work to remove all
        gallon CD01GL    $30.22 (ea)                            odors and digest residual stains, sugars and   Dilution Ratio: 8 oz./gl. water
                      $27.02 (4)              RTU pH: 8                                             RTU pH: 7
                                                                oils through the entire drying process.

                                                                gallon CD03GL    $50.95 (ea)
                                                                              $45.86 (4)
        Hydrocide Xtreme™

        Hydrocide Xtreme™ neutralizes odors by
        binding, bonding, encapsulating, and                    Hydrocide Odor Neutralizer
        absorbing odors associated with humans,
        animals, food, chemical processes and smoke.            Hydrocide is an amazing odor counteractant
        Hydrocide Xtreme contains a fresh “green”               that immediately and permanently eliminates
        fragrance to leave the treated environment              odors from pet and human urine, vomit,
        with a refreshed, deodorized smell. It contains         decayed organic matter, sour smells, feces,
        an odor neutralizer that binds to and absorbs           skunk, musty mildew odors, smoke and much
        odors no matter what the source. Hydrocide              more. Hydrocide contains an odor neutralizer
        Xtreme effectively eliminates odors from                that binds to and destroys odors—no matter
        pet urine, feces, vomit, skunk musk, pet or             what the source—in carpet, upholstery,
        human body odors, and decaying protein and              mattresses and hard surfaces.  Hydrocide
        organic matter. It can be used to effectively           contains no bacteria, enzymes, oxidizers
        treat odors on any water safe surface                   or chemical desensitizers. And, Hydrocide
        including carpet, draperies, upholstery, pet            contains a polymer that resists resoiling of
        beds, mattresses, and more.                             treated areas. Works great on wool rugs and
                                                                other natural fibers.
        quart 1621-4987    $26.98 (ea)  Dilution Ratios:
                      $24.29 (12)    Sprayer: 4-8 oz./gl. water (Depending on odor   quart CD13QT    $21.94 (ea)  Dilution Ratios:
        gallon CD17GL   $80.95 (ea)  severity)                                $19.75 (12)  Sprayer: 4-8 oz./gl. (Depending on odor severity)
                      $72.86 (4)     Prespray Additive: Up to 8 oz./gl. RTU prespray  gallon CD13GL   $79.51 (ea)  Prespray Additive: Up to 8 oz./gl. RTU prespray
                                     RTU pH: 6.5                              $71.56 (4)   RTU pH: 6.5

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