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        Urine Stain Remover With                                PetZone with Hydrocide
        Hydrocide                                               PetZone is an awesome product that

        Many times normal pet odor                              permanently removes pet odors AND
        decontamination procedures remove the                   stains—all in a single step! Stains are
        yellow staining that accompany pet urine                removed by the natural power of oxygen
        deposits. But when they don’t, reach for                while the odor bonding and encapsulating
        Urine Stain Remover.                                    power of Hydrocide permanently eliminates
        Simply spray the stain full strength and
        allow it to work for 3 to 8 hours and the               Odors are immediately eliminated without
        stain will disappear! This is a product that            leaving strong, potentially offensive
        will deliver truly amazing results, and                 fragrances behind and the persistent yellow
        there’s no need to neutralize or rinse.                 stains that often accompany pet urine
        Urine Stain Remover goes on at an acidic                contamination are also removed. PetZone   Dilution Ratio:
                                                                                                  6 oz./gl. of hottest water possible
        pH of 5.4 but self-neutralizes to a neutral             has a powerful effervescing action that lets
        pH of 7 as it dries.              Dilution Ratio: RTU   you and your customers know it’s working.   RTU pH: 10
                                                                Won’t cause resoiling.
                                          RTU pH: 5.4
        gallon  CS18GL    $26.21 (ea)
                       $23.59 (4)                               7 lb. jar  CD19A    $45.87 (ea)
                                                                              $41.28 (4)

                                                                TCU Neutralizer

                                                                TCU Neutralizer is an outstanding urine
                                                                pre-treatment. Pet urine is initially on the
                                                                acid side but as urine deposits age the
                                                                residue converts to alkaline salts, which are
                                                                the source of odor. Pre-treatment of urine
                                                                stains with TCU Neutralizer dissolves and
                                                                neutralizes urine salts for easy removal.
                                                                There are also non-ionic surfactants
                                                                designed to dissolve and break up lipids for
                                                                easy rinsing.  There are also ingredients that
                                                                aid rinsing so that removing contaminates
                                                                with a Water Claw is more effective.  This
                                                                process prepares the affected area for
                                                                treatment with Bio-Modifier or Bio-Charge,
                                                                which complete the job of digesting the few
                                                                contaminants left in the carpet and pad after
                                                                the thorough extraction.

                                                                quart  CS20QT    $11.73 (ea)
                                                                             $10.56 (12)
                                                                gallon  CS20GL   $27.29 (ea)
                                                                             $24.57 (4)

                                                                Dilution Ratios:
                                                                Urine Pre-treatment: 1:4 to 1:16 with water depending upon severity. Saturate affected area, allow to dwell 5 to
                                                                15 minutes, agitate, rinse and extract with clear water. Extraction with a Water Claw is ideal.
                                                                Spotter: RTU. For best results, allow 2 to 3 minutes dwell time.
                                                                RTU pH: 2.8-3.5

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