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          ODOR REMOVAL

        Light contamination: Defined as a   Medium to Heavy contamination: Defined   Extreme contamination: Defined as contami-
        single stain, usually from a small dog   as any contamination that has penetrated   nation that has penetrated deep into structural   ODOR REMOVAL
        or cat. The urine has only penetrated   the backing and into the pad. Heavy   materials and requires demolition. With this
        the face fiber or lightly into the back-  contamination may have made its way   condition, we cannot be sure of complete suc-
        ing of the carpet.               beneath the pad onto the subfloor.  cess using this system.

        Procedures:                                             6.  Immediately follow with an application of concen-
        Light Contamination                                         trated Bio Modifier Xtreme. The moisture in the car-
        1. Saturate the stain with undiluted Urine                  pet and pad will help to activate the
           Stain Remover. Apply enough product to                   billions of beneficial microorganisms
           penetrate at the same level as the original              that will consume any remaining
           urine accident.                                          odor causing matter. With a fresh
                                                                    fragrance and the immediate odor
                                                                    knockdown capability of HydroCide,
        2. Urine Stain Remover contains hydrogen peroxide           customers will gain immediate and
           and HydroCide, both effectively remove odors and         long term satisfaction with a carpet
           stains. Allow the Urine Stain Remover to dwell for 10    free from odors.
           minutes then clean and extract as usual. If any stain
           remains, follow up with a spray of Urine Stain Re-   7.  Bio Modifier Xtreme may be applied
           mover– just enough to dampen the face fibers and         directly to the surface by pouring or spraying. Apply
           leave it to dry. The stain will almost always disappear   enough product to reach all areas of contamination
           as the carpet dries.                                     and press in with the Water Claw (no vacuum at-
                                                                    tached). If some areas are missed

        Medium to Heavy Contamination                               but are close to the area treated
                                                                    with Bio Modifier Xtreme, the ben-
        1. Saturate the contaminated area with                      eficial bacteria and enzymes are
           TCU diluted with 8 parts water. Ap-                      capable of multiplying and spread-
           ply enough product to penetrate to the                   ing beyond their initial deposit as long as moisture
           same level as the urine contamination,                   is present.
           usually into the pad and contacting
           the subfloor. Apply with a Hydro-Force™ injection    8.  Injecting Bio Modifier Xtreme through a needle
           sprayer, Flexi-Pro electric sprayer or similar sprayer.  injector such as the Injectimate
                                                                    or similar injector is very effective
        Note: Certain subfloors may not be water resistant          for getting the solution to the odor
        and could possibly swell with the introduction of           source.
        too much water. Also too much water could seep
        through and affect the basement ceiling. Control the    9.  If applying to dry carpet or if the
        amount of solution you apply and make sure you are          damage is extensive over a large area, Bio Modifier
        not the cause of secondary damage.                          Xtreme can be diluted with up to 4 parts water. Ap-
                                                                    ply using the Hydro-Force injection sprayer with the
        2. Press the solution into the carpet by                    metering tip removed.
           standing on a Water Claw  without the                10. Do not deep extract the Bio Modifier
           vacuum attached.                                         Xtreme. It will work over hours and
                                                                    even days to completely eradicate the
        3. Allow to dwell for 5 - 10 minutes to dis-                odor. To allow for a dryer face fiber, a
           solve and suspend the urine salts and                    single light wand stroke (just vacuum,
           solids.                                                  do not rinse) may be taken over the
                                                                    wet carpet fiber area.
        4. Extract with the Water Claw® or Flash
           Extractor. ™                                         11. If any surface stain remains, apply a
                                                                    direct spray of Urine Stain Remover.
                                                                    Only apply enough product to lightly
        5. Using an open end quick connect, flush the affected      dampen the face fibers, but not penetrate the back-
           area with copious amounts of hot water, applying         ing. The stain will disappear gradually as the carpet
           the water around the outside edge of the water claw.     dries.
           This will flush most of the urine contaminate from the
           subfloor, pad, and carpet.
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