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        T-Rust Rust Remover                                     RedZone Ready
        T-Rust is a new generation rust remover                 RedZONE Ready is a one step, highly effective,
        that has been designed to be much safer                 food and beverage stain removal process that
        than harsh acids as well as environmentally             is designed to alter the structure of stains by
        sound. Apply T-Rust directly to the rust and            removing, bleaching, or making them invisible.        SPOT AND STAIN REMOVERS
        it starts to work in seconds and yet needs no           It is ideal for use with any stain caused by spilled
        neutralizing, just a clear water rinse!                 children’s fruit drinks or sports drinks. This product
                                                                is safe and effective on virtually any stain caused
        T-Rust has a controlled pH and is non-                  by a common household food or beverage spill. In
        corrosive and non-polluting. You don’t have             addition, special additives allow the accelerating
        to worry that you’re bringing a hazardous               action to be activated right on the stain rather than
        chemical into your customer’s home. It is               in a spray bottle as with conventional two part
        also effective for many mineral based soils             Red Stain Removers. This product is for use with
        such as metal stains, water stains and rings.           synthetic carpet or fabrics only. Not recommended
        Even removes mineral scale and hard water   Dilution Ratio: RTU  for natural fabrics.
        stains from many hard surfaces.      RTU pH: 4.5
                                                                quarts  CS30QT    $15.25 (ea)          Dilution Ratio: RTU
        pint  CS12PT    $13.11 (ea)                                                                    RTU pH: 7 - 7.5
                      $11.80 (12)                                             $13.73 (12)
        gallons  CS12GL   $61.02 (ea)
                      $54.92 (4)

        Coffee Stain Remover
        This powdered sodium metabisulfite stain
        remover is formulated to remove coffee stains -
        no matter how old and set in. Simply dilute with
        hot water and spray directly on the stain. Most
        stains begin to disappear within seconds! For
        really tough stains, repeat. It also works wonders
        on water marks and urine stains!

        2 lb. bottle  CS16B    $20.62 (ea)
                        $18.56 (12)

        Dilution Ratio: 2 oz./qt.  RTU pH: 4 - 4.5

        Filter Free Filtration Soil Remover
                                                                StainZone Oxidizing Stain
        Filter Free is a water-based D-limonene emulsion        Remover
        designed to remove filtration soil around heat registers,   StainZone removes almost all impossible stains
        and along walls and doorways. Apply full strength,      such as mustard, furniture stains, wood stains,
        agitate, allow to dwell for five minutes and rinse. On   tough urine stains, pigments, coffee, tea, shoe
        very difficult filtration soils, rinse with high heat to   polish, vomit, and other organic dyes and
        accelerate the process.                                 materials. StainZone is a single product system
                                                                and doesn’t require mixing, special sprayers or
        Filter Free is also a great oil and grease spot remover.   anything else! StainZone works by removing,
        On top of it all, Filter Free has a wonderful orange smell   oxidizing or making these previously permanent
        and is in compliance with state VOC limits! Filter Free   stains invisible!
        contains a proprietary hydrotope to overcome the
        Van der Waals force that holds very small combustion    quarts  CS28QT    $16.13 (ea)
        particles to the fiber.                                               $14.52 (12)
                                                 Dilution Ratio: RTU                                  Dilution Ratio: RTU
        quart  CS27QT    $13.84 (ea)             RTU pH: 9.9                                          RTU pH: 5.5
                     $12.45 (12)

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