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        P.I.G.                               IMPROVED           Gum Break
        Now reformulated to reduce VOC’s while retaining   SMELL  Gum Break chews up and spits out
        the same great paint, ink and grease removing           some of the most common problems
        capabilities. P.I.G. not only removes paint, oil, and   encountered with adhesive removers. No
        grease better than POGs but it also takes care of       noxious fumes, no nasty resoiling residue
        tar, gum, cosmetics, transmission fluids, etc. PIG      that is hard to extract out, and no sticky,
        is truly superior on really difficult pigmented oil     gooey gum remnants that won’t come out
        based stains like ink, nail polish, marker, enamel      no matter how much chemical you use.
        and spray paint.                                        Gum Break uses a special blend of potent
                                                                surfactants that lubricate the carpet fibers
        quart  CS09QT  $21.22 (ea)                              and allows the gum to slide off the carpet
                    $19.10 (12)
        Dilution Ratio: RTU                                     fibers. These surfactants easily rinse free
        RTU pH: N/A                                             from the carpet, leaving a fresh, adhesive
                                                                free carpet that won’t become a small dirt
                                                                magnet in your customer’s carpet.
                                                                                                     RTU pH: N/A
                                                                quart  CS36QT  $20.01 (ea)           Dilution Ratio: RTU
        All Solv Multi-Use Volatile                                         $18.01 (12)
        Dry Spotter

        When a stain doesn’t respond to normal cleaning the     Gel Break Adhesive and
        first spotter you want to use is All Solv. Not only will   Gum Remover
        All Solv knock out tough, stubborn oil, grease, tar and
        other oily combination stains, it is also effective on   Gel Break is a citrus gel that will remove even
        adhesive residues, crayon marks, ink, lipstick and nail   ground in chewing gum as well as tar, grease, oils,
        polish. Because All Solv is a volatile dry solvent it will   wax, crayon, adhesives and other oil-based spots.
        evaporate quickly and completely leaving absolutely     Won’t soak into carpet to delaminate the backing!
        no soil-attracting residue behind.                      Simply apply to gum or other stains and allow a
                                                                few minutes for Gel Break to work. Then use a Gum
        16 oz. aerosol  CS06AE    $15.35 (ea)                   Getter and the gum will roll off the carpet! You won’t
                           $13.82 (12)                          believe how easily you can remove gum without
        RTU pH: N/A                                             creating carpet bubbles!

                                                                pint  CS05PT    $16.21 (ea)  Dilution Ratio: RTU
                                                                            $14.59 (12)    RTU pH: N/A

        Citrus Solv                                                               Gum Getter  AC150    $9.64

        Citrus Solv is one of the best selling products
        in the industry! That’s because of the way it
        instantly removes many difficult stains like
        chewing gum, tar, grease, wax, cosmetics,
        crayon, lipstick, shoe polish, inks, adhesives,
        glues and many other oil-based stains. The
        secret is that Citrus Solv is made from citrus
        solvents and is 100% active! That means no
        carriers or fillers, just the most powerful citrus
        solvent spotter on the market!

        quart  CR08QT    $21.83 (ea)
                      $19.65 (12)
        gallons  CR08GL   $54.57 (ea)
                      $49.12 (4)
                                       Dilution Ratios:
                                       Spotter: Full Strength
                                       Prespray Additive: 1-2 oz./gl. prespray, RTU
                                       RTU pH: N/A

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