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        RedZone Ready                                           Avenge Neutral Spotter

        RedZONE Ready is a one step, highly effective,          Avenge is a legendary spotter that
        food and beverage stain removal process that            thousands of cleaners use every day to
        is designed to alter the structure of stains by         safely and effectively remove most stains!
        removing, bleaching, or making them invisible.          Avenge has a unique synergistic action                SPOT AND STAIN REMOVERS
        It is ideal for use with any stain caused by spilled    that allows a spotter with a neutral pH to
        children’s fruit drinks or sports drinks. This product   remove over 85% of water-based stains, as
        is safe and effective on virtually any stain caused     well as many combination oil and water-
        by a common household food or beverage spill. In        based stains from carpet and upholstery.
        addition, special additives allow the accelerating      Choose Avenge to remove blood, pet stains,
        action to be activated right on the stain rather than   urine, catsup, chocolate, coffee, tea, food,
        in a spray bottle as with conventional two part         liquor, most shoe polish, cosmetics, crayon,
        Red Stain Removers. This product is for use with        washable ink, grime, iodine, mildew, oil,
        synthetic carpet or fabrics only. Not recommended       latex paint and many more! Free rinsing
        for natural fabrics.                   Dilution Ratio: RTU  action makes it a great final step for
                                               RTU pH: 7 - 7.5  complex stain removal.                  Dilution Ratio: RTU
        quarts  CS30QT    $15.25 (ea)                                                                   RTU pH: 7
                      $13.73 (12)                               12 oz.  CS07A    $5.29 (ea)
                                                                             $4.76 (12)
                                                                quart  CS07QT   $10.87 (ea)
                                                                             $9.78 (12)
                                                                gallon  CS07GL   $22.84 (ea)
        Protein Spotter - Liquid                                             $20.55 (4)
        Alkaline Spotter

        Protein Spotter is an alkaline stain remover
        specially formulated to remove protein stains           TCU Neutralizer
        that other spotters struggle with. Special              TCU Neutralizer is an outstanding urine
        ingredients break down proteins in blood,               pre-treatment. Pet urine is initially on the
        eggs, milk, chocolate, baby formula, cheese             acid side but as urine deposits age the
        sauce, cream, pudding, vomit, ice cream, baby           residue converts to alkaline salts, which
        food and other protein stains so they can be            are the source of odor. Pre-treatment
        easily rinsed away. Ideal for many stains found         of urine stains with TCU Neutralizer
        in homes, healthcare facilities, nursing homes,         dissolves and neutralizes urine salts for
        schools and more. Also effective on a wide              easy removal.  There are also non-ionic
        variety of common, water-based stains.                  surfactants designed to dissolve and
                                                                break up lipids for easy rinsing.  There are
        quart  CS23QT    $12.75 (ea)         Dilution Ratio: RTU  also ingredients that aid rinsing so that
                     $11.48 (12)             RTU pH: 10.5       removing contaminates with a Water
        gallon  CS23GL   $25.45 (ea)
                     $22.91 (4)                                 Claw is more effective.  This process
                                                                prepares the affected area for treatment
                                                                with Bio-Modifier or Bio-Charge, which
                                                                complete the job of digesting the few
                                                                contaminants left in the carpet and pad   RTU pH: 2.8-3.5
                                                                after the thorough extraction.  Dilution Ratios:
                                                                                                Urine Pre-treatment: 1:4 to 1:16 with water
                                                                                                depending upon severity. Saturate affected
                                                                                                area, allow to dwell 5 to 15 minutes, agitate,
                                                                                                rinse and extract with clear water. Extrac-
                                                                                                tion with a Water Claw is ideal.
                                                                quart  CS20QT    $11.73 (ea)    Spotter: RTU. For best results, allow 2 to 3
                                                                             $10.56 (12)        minutes dwell time.
                                                                gallon  CS20GL   $27.29 (ea)
                                                                             $24.57 (4)

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