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                                                                                                                                       A Complete Spot & Stain Removal

                                                                                                                                                     Guide Wherever You Are

         There are 5 primary categories of stains. For more precise detail on specific stains refer to, or the
         Bridgepoint Systems Stain Guide for smart phones and tablets.
         1                                                    3

         Synthetic Color & Dye Stains                        Oil, Resin or Pigmented Based
                                                             Ink, grease, cosmetics, adhesives, etc.
         Kool Aid , children’s red medicine, fruit punch,
         decaffeinated coffee, etc.                          PROCEDURE
                                                             Ink and Marker
         PROCEDURE                                            1. Apply Avenge Pro directly to the stain, agitate and allow to dwell for 30
          1. Apply Red Zone Ready to contaminated area – apply   seconds.
            enough to thoroughly wet the stained area but     2. Dry extract with vac tool and repeat.
            not enough to soak into the backing.
                                                              3. Apply All Solv Extreme – agitate – Avenge Pro – agitate.
          2. Apply a wet cotton towel (usually double
            thickness) over stain. Apply heated iron at       4. Rinse and mist with Spot Stop.
            lowest steam setting. Do a quick check for       Fingernail Polish
            color removal every 20 - 30 seconds.              1. Apply Avenge Pro around the contaminated area to guard against
          3. When the color is gone a yellow cast is usually left.   aggressive wicking of All Solv Extreme and dissolved pigment from moving
            Rinse thoroughly.                                  into the backing and surrounding fibers. Tests reveal that virtually all oil/
          4. Mist Spot Stop and work in with the Whiz Groom.   resin/pigmented stains can be removed by putting the Avenge Pro on first
                                                               and then the All Solv Extreme. Avenge Pro will not “set” stains.
         2                                                    3. Apply Avenge Pro and agitate lightly.
                                                              2. Apply All Solv Extreme, lightly agitate and absorb colored pigment into a
                                                               white towel.  Repeat until most of the pigment is gone.
                                                              4. Rinse and mist Spot Stop, working it in with the Whiz Groom.
                                                             Gum (chewing)
          Organic Stains & Natural Dyes
                                                              1. Poke holes in gum surface with Gum Getter.
          Urine, coffee, mold, wood, etc.                     2. Apply Gel Break or Gum Break to surface of gum and let dwell for 5 to 10
          PROCEDURE                                           3. Agitate and remove gum with the Gum Getter. Pick up the spent gum into a
          1. Apply Stain Zone to contaminated area.            towel and repeat as necessary. Apply a small amount of Gel
                                                               Break or Gum Break and agitate with towel to remove any
          2. Lightly agitate and allow to dwell until stain is gone.
                                                               remaining residue and thoroughly rinse with water.
          3. If stain is gone then extract rinse, otherwise Stain Zone
            will self-neutralize with no re-soiling issues and continue   4. Mist Spot Stop and work it in with the Whiz Groom.
            to work until it dries.
          Note: Can accelerate with heat. Use caution.
         4                                                   Specialty Stains

                                                             Rust, yellowing, water stains, etc.
         Protein and Most Food Spills                         1. Apply T-Rust.
         Blood, egg, chocolate sauce, etc.                    2. Lightly agitate and allow to dwell until stain disappears.
                                                              3. Rinse thoroughly.
                                                             Note: Some yellowing and water stains may respond well to treatment
          1. Remove excess contaminant.                      with Stain Zone.
          2. Apply Avenge Pro and agitate. If stain is hard, allow   Unknown Stains:
           Avenge Pro to dwell and soften the contaminant.
                                                              •  Apply Avenge Pro – agitate – If stain is releasing continue
          3. Rinse and repeat if necessary.                    and then rinse.
          4. Mist Spot Stop and work in with Whiz Groom.     If some stain remains
         Note: Some food stains contain synthetic or organic dyes   •  Apply All Solv Extreme – agitate - If stain is releasing
         which may not be completely removed with the above    continue, apply Avenge Pro, rinse.
         procedure. If some stain remains, depending on the origin   If some stain remains
         (synthetic or organic) follow the steps using Stain Zone
         (Category Two) or Red Zone Ready (Category One). Vacuum to   •  Apply Stain Zone or Red Zone Ready. Since the origin of the
         get the stained area as dry as possible before proceeding.  stain is unknown, testing will determine which to use.
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