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                                                 An Ounce of Prevention

                                                 is Worth a Pound of Cure.

                                                                                                 -Benjamin Franklin

           Protect, Prevent and become your customers’ Hero.

           Offering Bridgepoint Systems MAXIM line of carpet and upholstery protector’s to your customers not only can make you
           thousands and thousands of dollars a year in additional income, but will also brighten your customer’s day. The first time a
           spill occurs on their protected surface, and it is easily wiped away, they’ll definitely be thankful you offered the service.

           Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector                     Maxim Advanced Protector for Upholstery

                            • The industry’s #1 stain protector              • Protects all types of upholstery
                            • Cutting edge ingredients fill carpet           • Contains Dye-Loc to help prevent dye bleed
                              dye sites and prevent staining                 • Water based unlike other upholstery pro-
                            • Dries quickly and doesn’t “reek”                 tectors that are made of smelly solvents
                              like solvent protectors

           Maxim Fine Fabric                                     Maxim Advanced Protector for Wool

                            •  Keeps spills and stains from                  • Designed specifically for wool rugs
                              damaging fine upholstery                         and carpet
                            • Works safely on the finest fabrics             • Superior stain protection
                            • Spills bead up so they can be                  • Minimal investment to protect expensive rugs
                              easily and safely wiped away

           See page 13, 18 and 36 for more info!
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