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        Maxim Advanced For Upholstery With Dye-Loc

        •  Uses Flexible polymers that stretch with the fabric   Maxim Advanced for Upholstery will provide your
          without losing protection when fabric gets heavy use!  customer with painless spot and spill clean-up. Their
        •  Contains special dye locking and color stabilizers,   upholstery will last longer because this protector also
          making it safe to use on even the most delicate, natural   reduces wear from abrasive soiling.
          upholstery fabrics and bleeders!
        •  Includes a special additive for consistent, complete and   Vacuuming of protected furniture will be easier, faster and
          even coverage.                            more effective in removing damaging dry soils. Maxim
        •  Protects against specific upholstery soils such as hair   Advanced for Upholstery leaves fine fabrics cleaner,
          and body oils, airborne oils, and beverage spills.  brighter, and fresher—and, it’s safe for children and pets!

        gallon  CP01GL    $48.89 (ea)                                Dilution Ratio: RTU
                      $44.00 (4)
                                                                     RTU pH: 4.5 - 5.0

        Maxim Fine Fabric Solvent-Based Fluorochemical Protector

        For those who prefer solvent protectors for fine upholstery fabrics that may be harmed by water, Maxim Fine Fabric is
        an excellent choice. This solvent based formula is safe on all upholstery fabrics (test special finishes before use). Maxim
        Fine Fabric keeps spills and stains from damaging fine upholstery by causing spills to bead up so they can be easily and
        safely wiped away. Furniture will be protected from oily soils, water based spills as well as damaging dry soils. This solvent
        based formula is easy to use and is also safe for draperies and other fine fabrics. Not available in low VOC states.

        gallon  CP03GL    $62.73 (ea)
                      $56.46 (4)
        Dilution Ratio: RTU
        RTU pH: N/A

        Maxim Advanced Demo Kit                                 Maxim Advanced Sales Brochure

                                                                These four-color brochures explain to your
                                                                customers all the benefits of having Maxim
                                                                Advanced applied to their carpet. These brochures
                                                                are an important part of the sales process and can
                                                                be used in person, as invoice stuffers, etc.

                                                                LB215  Pkg. of 50  $14.50

        The kit includes:
        ·  Travel Bag - Silk Screened                           Maxim Advanced Warranty
        ·  Red Dye (Kool-Aid®) - Quart
        ·  1.75” Maxim Advanced Treated Carpet Squares - AC008A   By providing customers with a carpet
        ·  1.75” Untreated Carpet Squares - AC008B              protection warranty you will dramatically
        ·  Maxim Advanced Protector Warranty Cards - LB20A      increase sales of Maxim Advanced,
        ·  Maxim Advanced Sales Brochures - LB215               generate substantial additional profits
        ·  Congratulations, Aftercare Brochures                 and create customers for life! These pre-
                                                                printed, two-part warranty forms make
        If a picture is worth a thousand words then a demo must be worth a   offering a warranty simple and easy!
        million! This handy demo kit makes it easy to show your customers how
        Maxim Advanced gives their carpets the best stain protection available.    LB20A     $0.39
        AC008     $19.95

        Ask your distributor how to get this kit for free!
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