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        Fab-Set Acid Rinse And                                  Coffee Stain Remover
        Neutralizer                                             This powdered sodium metabisulfite stain remover

        Fab-Set is a concentrated mild-acid solution            is ideal as an additive to upholstery cleaning
        that is excellent as a final step in the upholstery     detergents or shampoos to clean white cottons,        UPHOLSTERY NEUTRALIZING RINSES
        cleaning process to neutralize detergents,              canvas or haitian, tahitian or natural cotton
        stabilize dyes and prevent browning. Fab-Set            upholstery fabric. This formula brightens white
        is safe on synthetic and all types of water-safe        natural fabrics and dramatically reduces the chance
        natural fibers. When used as a final rinse or           of browning. In fact, it can correct browning from
        spray neutralizer, Fab-Set will leave fabrics           previous cleanings. Coffee Stain Remover is also
        feeling soft, clean and new. Also, three different      great on coffee stains,  water marks, and stains on
        corrosion inhibitors in the formula block               carpet and water safe upholstery.
        corrosion on standard metal parts. Fab-Set may
        be used as a final rinse through your machine or   Dilution Ratios:   2 lb. jar  CS16B    $20.62 (ea)  Dilution Ratio:
        spray-misted on fabric after cleaning.  Portables: 4-6 oz./gl.       $18.56 (12)   Add 1 scoop per RTU Gal. of shampoo or detergent
                                            Truckmounts: 1 qt./5 gl. water                 RTU pH: 4 - 4.5
        gallon  CR12GL    $18.81 (ea)       RTU pH: 2.8
                      $16.93 (4)

        Boost All

        New with OxyBlue oxygen accelerator. Blue pellets
        increase the cleaning effectiveness of Boost All by     COLOR STABILIZERS
        almost 2-times.
        Add the power of oxygen to your cleaning solutions
        to boost cleaning effectiveness and brighten the        This unique, patented formula prevents both
        finished look. Alkaline builders and color safe         color bleeding and color crocking in multi-colored
        oxygen bleach supercharges carpet and upholstery        upholstery and rugs. Use as a pre or post spray, or use
        cleaning solutions to remove heavy soiling and          as the extraction rinse.
        brighten dingy traffic lanes! Boost All is also         quart  CR14QT    $27.53 (ea)
        excellent for correcting browning, removing water                    $24.78 (12)
        marks and is great on oriental rug fringes.             gallon  CR14GL   $84.34 (ea)
                                                                             $75.90 (4)
        2 lb. jar  CR16A   $18.17 (ea)
                     $16.35 (12)                                Dilution Ratio:
        8 lb. jar  CR16C   $61.15 (ea)                          3 oz./gl. hot water
                                                                RTU pH: 7.5
        Dilution Ratios:
        Booster, Prespray: Add 1/2 oz./gl. RTU Prespray. Let dwell 15 minutes then extract.
        Booster, Extraction: ¼ to ½ oz./gl. RTU extraction detergent. Use within an hour.
        Booster, Upholstery: ¼ to ½ oz./gl. RTU extraction detergent or shampoo. Use within an hour.
        RTU pH: 10


        Dry Cleaning Prespray                                   Furniture & Drapery Compound
        This special formulation of solvents is designed to     Furniture and Drapery Compound is effective
        dissolve and emulsify oils and soils for dry clean      and safe for your customer’s most valued
        only upholstery, drapery and specialty fabrics such     furnishings and is perfect for on-location dry
        as wall coverings, etc. When used as part of a dry      cleaning of delicate upholstery and drapery
        cleaning process, rinse with Furniture and Drapery      fabrics. Precondition the fabric with Dry Cleaning
        Compound through a solvent safe extractor or by         Prespray and then use Furniture and Drapery
        hand for excellent results. Because Dry Cleaning        Compound as an extraction liquid through
        Prespray is a solvent product always test for dye       solvent-capable machines, or it may be sprayed
        and fabric stability before use.                        on for hand cleaning with white towels.

        gallon  CU57GL    $57.07 (ea)                           gallon  CU51GL    $33.37 (ea)       Dilution Ratio: RTU
                     $51.37 (4)              Dilution Ratio: RTU              $30.04 (4)            RTU pH: N/A
                                             RTU pH:N/A
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