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        Avenge Fabric Prespray                                  Avenge Clean Rinse Neutral
        Avenge Fabric Prespray is a neutral pH blend of         Upholstery Emulsifier
        surfactants, solvents and builders formulated
        to emulsify the toughest soils and oils found in        Avenge Clean Rinse is a blend of surfactants
        upholstery. Can be used on fine natural fabrics         and rinse aids that work in perfect harmony
        or the filthy synthetics that plague professionals,     with other Avenge upholstery products. It’s
        and do it safely. (Always pretest fabric.)              formulated to rinse away soil and chemical
        Combining a lubricating, dual surfactant system,        residue thoroughly, leaving no soil attracting
        high solvency, and complete soil and grease             residues. The neutral pH will not contribute
        suspension, Avenge Fabric Prespray is a neutral         to browning or color bleeding. Avenge Clean
        formula that out cleans other harsh products.           Rinse works at any temperature and is safe for
        Quick acting for amazing stain removal and free         your equipment.
        rinses to leave a soft hand.
                                                                gallon  CU24GL    $25.44 (ea)  Dilution Ratios:
        gallon  CU20GL    $23.41 (ea)  Dilution Ratios:                       $22.90 (4)      Portables: 1 - 2 oz./gl. hot water
                                                                                              Truckmount: 1 qt./5 gl. stock solution
                      $21.07 (4)       Medium to Heavy Soil: 1:1 part hot water
                                       Extra Heavy Soil: RTU, do not dilute.                  RTU pH: 7 - 7.5
                                       RTU pH: 7 - 7.5

        Fabric Prespray Fine Fabric                             Fiber Plus
        Preconditioner                                          Fiber Plus has a unique formula that allows

        Fabric Prespray is a high solvent content blend         aggressive cleaning with a controlled pH
        of detergents, solvents, and builders, formulated       close to neutral! This makes Fiber Plus
        to emulsify the toughest soils and oils found in        the perfect cleaner for wool carpets and
        upholstery. Fabric Prespray is the right choice         especially wool Oriental and area rugs. It is
        where both fiber safety and aggressive cleaning         also a very effective cleaner on all carpet
        are necessities. This prespray uses high-grade          fibers as well as wet cleanable upholstery
        solvents, which eliminates the need for high            fabrics. Fiber Plus reduces the risk of dye
        alkalinity, reducing the danger of browning or          bleeding or other pH related problems, won’t
        bleeding. It’s effective on a wide variety of soils     harm equipment and is a very economical
        and stains on any wet cleanable upholstery              product.                          Dilution Ratios:
        fabric where a low pH is desirable.                                                       Portables: 1/4 -1/2 oz./gl. water
                                                                7 lb. jar  CC10A    $41.74 (ea)
                                                                               $37.57 (4)         Truckmounts: 2-4 cups/5 gl. water
        gallon  CU65GL    $30.33 (ea)                           40 lb. pail  CC10B  $188.00       RTU pH: 7.5 - 8
                      $27.30 (4)
        Dilution Ratios:
        Pump or Electric Sprayer: 16 to 32 oz./gl. water
        Hydro-Force Sprayer: Use full strength with yellow tip
        RTU pH: 8

        Wool Perfect

        •  Extremely Concentrated - Dilutes from 1 - 16
          to 1 – 32.
        •  Balanced – blend of various types of cleaning
          agents to work on diverse soils encountered in
          wool rugs
        •  Versatile – works like typical prespray and has
          enough lubrication to work like shampoo in pit
          or bath washing applications
        •  “Wool Safe” Approved – ready to use pH 8 - 8.4                  SEE OUR FULL LINE
        •  Refined – new superior chemical technology                     OF WOOL CLEANING
          not available five years ago
                                                                       SOLUTIONS ON PAGE 36.
        gallon  CW15GL    $42.79 (ea)          TM
                       $38.52 (4)
        Dilution Ratios: 1:16, 1:32  RTU pH: 8-8.4
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