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        Powdered Defoamer

        Powdered Defoamer is a great way to deal with high foaming carpets. Because you sprinkle the defoamer over the carpet you
        knock the foam down at the source using much less defoamer than other traditional defoamers that are sucked through the
        vacuum hose. Powdered Defoamer prevents foam from developing, saving time and protecting your equipment!      FOAM CONTROL

        6.5 lb. jar  CC30A    $28.56  Dilution Ratio: RTU
                       $25.70 (4)    RTU pH: N/A


        Fabric Shampoo                                          Oxybuff Cotton
                                                                Shampoo - Fringe Cleaner
        Fabric Shampoo is a truly “built” product
        loaded with surfactants to deliver a rich               •  Easy to Mix - powder blend of Boost All,
        foam when used in rotary shampoo                          Buff All and Fabric Shampoo. No longer
        applications or a thick dry foam when                     any need to mix up three ingredients in a
        performing upholstery shampoo foam                        special recipe. Measure out 3 to 4 oz. with
        cleaning. Slightly acidic, Fabric Shampoo                 gallon of hot water in bucket.
        is safe for use on synthetics and wool and              •  Easy to Apply - Apply foam to fringe with
        won’t promote resoiling.                                  soft brush. Some areas may need extra
                                                                  agitation with hard brush.
                                                                •  Efficient with System – Apply to fringes of
        gallon  CU61GL    $26.21 (ea)                             several rugs at a time. After sufficient dwell
                      $23.59 (4)
                                                                  time, extract rug and fringes at same time
        Dilution Ratio: 1:30                                      with Wool Zone.
        4-6 oz./gl.
        RTU pH: 6.5                                             8 lb. jar  CU62A    $68.91 (ea)        Dilution Ratio: 1:4 - 1:6
                                                                              $62.01 (4)               RTU pH: 7


        Avenge HD Odorless Ammonia Fabric Prespray

        Avenge HD uses the grease-cutting ability of ammonia without the noxious fumes. You won’t believe what this heavy-duty
        prespray does to built-up hair and body oils, food and protein stains, newsprint, soot, cosmetics and even ink. Avenge HD is an
        alkaline pH blend of surfactants, solvents and builders formulated to emulsify the toughest soils and oils found in hard to clean
        synthetic upholstery fabrics. Avenge HD has a dual surfactant and solvent system that combine for unequaled cleaning results.
        Rinse with Avenge Clean Rinse or Fab Set.

        gallon  CU21GL    $23.41 (ea)
                       $21.07 (4)
        Dilution Ratio: 1:1
        RTU pH: 9.8 - 10.2

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