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        Maxim Advanced Demo Kit                                 Maxim Advanced Sales Brochure
                                                                These four-color brochures explain to your
                                                                customers all the benefits of having Maxim
                                                                Advanced applied to their carpet. These brochures
                                                                are an important part of the sales process and can
                                                                be used in person, as invoice stuffers, etc.

                                                                LB215  Pkg. of 50  $14.50

        The kit includes:
        ·  Travel Bag - Silk Screened                           Maxim Advanced Warranty
        ·  Red Dye (Kool-Aid®) - Quart
        ·  1.75” Maxim Advanced Treated Carpet Squares - AC008A   By providing customers with a carpet
        ·  1.75” Untreated Carpet Squares - AC008B              protection warranty you will dramatically
        ·  Maxim Advanced Protector Warranty Cards - LB20A      increase sales of Maxim Advanced,
        ·  Maxim Advanced Sales Brochures - LB215               generate substantial additional profits
        ·  Congratulations, Aftercare Brochures                 and create customers for life! These pre-
                                                                printed, two-part warranty forms make
        If a picture is worth a thousand words then a demo must be worth a   offering a warranty simple and easy!
        million! This handy demo kit makes it easy to show your customers how
        Maxim Advanced gives their carpets the best stain protection available.    LB20A    $0.39

        AC008    $19.95
        Ask your distributor how to get this kit for free!
                                                                EncapuGuard GREEN
        Maxim Advanced for Wool                                 ANTI-WICKING FORMULA - Protector & Neutralizer

        Maxim Advanced for Wool starts with                     •  Excellent protector at a low cost per sq. ft.
        a Maxim Advanced base for superior                      •  Prevents soil and stain wick back
        protection, but has been modified with                    - particularly effective on low pile
        additional ingredients to assist penetration              commercial carpet
        into fibers and add additional stain resistance         •  Can be used through an extractor
        for wool. Maxim Advanced for Wool now                   •  Every truck should have a gallon to use
        gives you the possibility of adding a wool                when the customer complains of stains
        specific product to high end rugs and other               reappearing
        wool products.
                                                                •  Contains acid dye resistors to resist stains
        gallon  CP10GL    $59.48 (ea)                           When price really matters, this protector
                      $53.53 (4)       TM
                                                                shines. At around a penny per square foot
        Dilution Ratios: 1:2                                    (your cost), this may be the best bet for your
        RTU pH: 5-5.2                                           penny pinching customers. EncapuGuard
                                                                GREEN employs the use of soil resistance, stain   GREEN BALANCE
                                                                protection, wicking prevention, and residue
                                                                neutralizing technology. EncapuGuard GREEN replenishes
                                                                the soil resistance and stain protection that came with your new carpet.
                                                                It enhances “cleanability” and spot and stain removal with exclusive
                                                                encapsulating polymer protection.
                                                                gallon  CR13GL    $27.34
                                                                              $24.61 (4)
                                                                Dilution Ratios: 1:8
                                                                Pump or Electric Sprayer:16 oz./gl. water
                                                                Hydro-Force Sprayer: Use full strength with yellow tip
                                                                RTU pH: 3.5

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