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                                               Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector

                                               Give Your Customers Carpets They Can                                   CARPET PROTECTORS

                                               Actually Live On with Maxim™ Advanced!

          The Problem with Traditional Protectors              Faster Drying, Better Coverage!
          Traditional protectors work by creating a repellency barrier across the   Now, you can eliminate extended drying times because Maxim Ad-
          top of carpet to protect the fibers. But this repellency only works when   vanced uses half the water of other protectors! Plus, special dispersing
          spills are cleaned up immediately. If not, they simply soak through the   agents make sure all the carpet is thoroughly protected.
          barrier where they immediately bond to the unprotected fibers, creating
          difficult to remove stains.                          More Profit for You!
                                                               Maxim Advanced covers 20% more carpet per gallon than traditional
          These repellency barriers can also be easily penetrated by hot spills and   (or competing) protectors. This means more profit on your bottom line!
          spills from heights. And, these surface barriers break down with time   And you can save up to 30% more if you take advantage of the Interlink
          and foot traffic, further degrading the carpet’s protection.  Smart Buy program!

          Maxim Advanced - Protects Fibers From the “Inside Out”
          Instead of relying on repellency, Maxim Advanced uses a totally new
          technology to prevent spills from bonding to fibers.  Because Maxim
          Advanced coats fibers with a stain barrier completely, not just at the top,
          spills will not bead up and then soak through to create stains. You and
          your customers will be able to remove spills easily even months later!

          Dramatically Superior Dry Soil Resistance
          Cleaners know that what really ruins carpets are the abrasive dry soils
          that scratch fibers and destroy carpet appearance. Maxim Advanced’s
          fluorochemical represents a dramatic advance in dry soil protection that
          can maintain carpet appearance for years longer!
                                                                        Unprotected         Protected with Maxim

          Dilution Ratios:                                                       gallon  CP04GL      $55.67
          Pump or Electric Sprayer: Mix Maxim Advanced at 1: 2 dilution (1 part Maxim Advanced to 2 parts
          water). This is half the water of DuPont Teflon® or 3M Scotchgard®!                        $50.10 (4)
          Hydro-Force Sprayer: Use full strength, remove metering tip            5 gl. pail  CP04PL  $232.53
          Each concentrated gallon covers (wet OR dry carpet):
                 High density residential carpet: 1,200 sq. ft. per concentrated gallon
                 Low density commercial carpet: 2,400 sq. ft. per concentrated gallon
          RTU pH: 4 - 6

         Carpet, Upholstery & Rugs - MAXIM Protects it all!

               Maxim Advanced                         Maxim Fine                       Maxim Advanced
           Protector for Upholstery                       Fabric                      Protector for Wool

                               CP01GL                                CP03GL                             CP10GL
                               $48.89                                $62.73                             $59.48
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