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        Citrus Solv                                             Pine Boost

        •  Instantly increase the power of your                 •  Similar performance as citrus products but
          prespray                                                more economical
        •  100% active solvent works in a split                 •  Just one ounce per gallon to your RTU
          second to dissolve grease and oils                      prespray for amazing results
        •  Concentrated - as little as 1 oz. per gallon
          can double the cleaning capacity of your              Pine Boost is a natural pine organic solvent
          pre-spray                                             degreaser concentrate. It is biodegradable, safe
        •  Customers love the natural fresh orange              to the environment, contains no chlorinated
          fragrance                                             solvents, no alkalies, and is 100% free from
                                                                caustics and acids. Pine Boost is water miscible.
        Citrus Solv is one of the best selling products
        in the industry! That’s because of the way it           Professionals achieve incomparable results
        instantly removes many difficult stains like            when using Pine Boost as a cleaning booster
        chewing gum, tar, grease, wax, cosmetics,               creating ready-to-use general purpose degreaser for carpet and
        crayon, lipstick, shoe polish, inks, adhesives,         upholstery cleaning solutions. Pine Boost is excellent as a general
        glues and many other oil-based stains. The              purpose degreaser for removal of encrusted grease, oil, and adhesives.
        secret is that Citrus Solv is made from citrus          Nobody tires of the natural scent of pine.
        solvents and is 100% active! That means no carriers or fillers, just the
        most powerful citrus solvent spotter on the market! Not only is Citrus   gallon  CR07GL    $43.30 (ea)  Dilution Ratio:
        Solv a spotter that you will use (and love!) every day but it is also a   $39.98 (4)       1-2 oz./gl. prespray, RTU
        phenomenal booster that is added to pre-sprays at just 1 to 2 oz. per                      RTU pH:  N/A
        diluted gallon to cut through the worst greasy, oily soils and avoid
        re-spraying or over scrubbing and over wetting traffic lanes. Citrus Solv
        also leaves a wonderful orange scent behind.

        quart  CR08QT    $21.83       Dilution Ratios:
                         $19.65 (12)  Spotter: Full Strength
        gallon  CR08GL   $54.57       Prespray Additive: 1-2 oz./gl. prespray, RTU
                         $49.12 (4)   RTU pH: N/A
        55 gl. Drum  CR08DR   $2280.15

        Boost All

        New with OxyBlue oxygen accelerator. Blue pellets
        increase the cleaning effectiveness of Boost All by
        almost 2-times.

        Add the power of oxygen to your cleaning
        solutions to boost cleaning effectiveness and
        brighten the finished look. Alkaline builders and
        color safe oxygen bleach supercharges carpet and
        upholstery cleaning solutions to remove heavy
        soiling and brighten dingy traffic lanes! Boost All is
        also excellent for correcting browning, removing
        water marks and is great on Oriental rug fringes.

        2 lb. Jar  CR16A    $18.17
                      $16.35 (12)
        8 lb. Jar  CR16C   $61.15
                      $55.04 (4)

        Dilution Ratios:
        Booster, Prespray: Add 1/2 oz./gl. RTU Prespray. Let dwell 15 minutes then extract.
        Booster, Extraction: 1/4 - 1/2 oz./gl. RTU extraction detergent. Use within an hour.
        Booster, Upholstery: /4 - 1/2 oz./gl. RTU extraction detergent or shampoo. Use within an hour.
        RTU pH: 10

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